With the new design, a new comment system!

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-17
Welcome MaddowBlog readers to the new website!
Thank you for your patience as we settle down.
I think you can find most of what you\'re used to seeing.
A big change is the implementation of the \"group\" in the comments.
Here is a quick explanation of how to work now.
As before, your Newsvine account will enable you to comment on our posts.
However, you also get a \"group\" menu when you make a comment, and you can assign your comment to it.
Chatter Over Chatter group is the main official group for MaddowBlog, so we encourage you to use it by default when posting here.
I also created a program group that I saw on TV-
Specific comments, because I think it can be frustrating to try to talk about what is being aired with people who don\'t watch. And for non-
In regards to the news general business of the website, questions or crowdsourcing projects we may be involved in, I created an internal baseball team.
It\'s tricky to predict from white paper what we need in terms of organizing reviews.
The new system also includes a way for you to create your own group and you can manage yourself and invite your friends, including those you wish to make in the comments.
Comments that are not posted to the group will be displayed at the bottom of the comment thread.
Should be driving at random.
Comments on our way.
I\'m still learning the ins and outs of the new system social networks, but part of the idea behind these groups is that you can track them like you do on Twitter or like them on Facebook.
So the system will track and aggregate their content for you.
Tracking and aggregation are also built on a personal level.
So you can follow Steve Benen specifically, no problem.
If you feel you miss Laura\'s post at times and want to keep an eye on her more closely, BAM!
By the way, the Community rules are listed here.
The new site is equipped with new staff to help keep the community healthy. Have fun!
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