Why You Should Not Have a TV in Your Bedroom

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-09
Your bedroom is your holy land.
It is the place where you sleep, read, relax and take part in many other activities.
For many people, their bedroom is also a place to entertain themselves by watching TV and movies.
While having a TV in your bedroom can add to your bedroom experience is a plausible argument, there are many reasons why you should have a TV, which seems to be almost Lu
In addition to the unfortunate fact that having a TV in the bedroom will make you lack intimacy, there are many other factors that will be affected.
The reasons why you shouldn\'t have a TV in your bedroom are listed below: there is a TV in the bedroom that makes it easier for you to watch the show casually, and don\'t consider other potential activities that may take up your time.
While it\'s easy to get into this cycle, your mood actually increases if you don\'t have a TV in your bedroom.
The increase in this mood is mainly due to the improvement in the quality of sleep, and if there is no TV in your bedroom, this will definitely happen.
After you get rid of your TV.
The main reason is that the TV will shine, which makes your body think that it is not the evening now, your body will be less prepared to sleep, and will eventually make your sleep worse.
If you share a bed with your spouse or partner, you will most likely spend a lot of time watching TV in bed.
It\'s understandable because it\'s a leisure activity that keeps both of you busy and you don\'t have to interact much.
By throwing away the TV in the bedroom, you and your partner will have more time to talk together and increase the frequency of intimacy with each other.
You can buy better blankets and pillows instead of spending money on a new or larger TV for your bedroom and have the ability to really enjoy the company that is close to each other.
Rising energy costs in the United States are a major problem affecting everyone.
In the past, you might have more money to spend on electricity, gas and other homes --
Related bills, the economy is not the same as before.
It has been weakened and you are definitely the reason for this problem by watching Extra TV in bed.
Although it doesn\'t look much if you watch an hour\'s TV before going to bed every night, you end up using 30 more hours of TV a month!
This will not only hurt your relationships and health, but will eventually allow you to spend more money on energy bills.
Cut out the hour or two of the TV from your life and you will soon save money.
Having a TV in your bedroom may not be abnormal, but it certainly should, and will be less common in the future.
Having a TV in your bedroom seems like the ultimate way to relax, but it turns out it\'s really a problem.
Not only will you find yourself healthier and have a better relationship with your partner, but if you throw your TV away from your bedroom, you will also reduce your energy bills, but you will also be happier and happier
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