Where Are My Keys? 9 Gadgets To Fight Senior Moments

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-21
It is frustrating to lose the car keys at least temporarily.
Even more, your glasses are misplaced, but with the aging of the baby boomers-
The question is \"where is Grandpa\" instead of Waldo.
Some useful and innovative technology gadgets on the market or in development can change the way we track ourselves and our loved ones.
Of course, there are some issues with privacy, especially when someone is following others against their will or without their knowledge or disagreement, but all of these tools have a lot
Where is grandpa?
I have a talented technical friend.
When his sick father kept forgetting the time, he built a clock around the time of the meal, replacing the numbers with breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and he may have included drugs on it.
He told me that it added a few years to his father\'s life because knowing the time put him under a lot of pressure. Hyper-awareness (Or missing)
For those who have lost their memory, time and place seem to be something that often happens.
Update: After posting, my friend Jon told me that during that time he created a blog called \"actual caregiver\" where he shared it while taking care of his father
What happens when an elderly parent forgets where they are, drives around looking for the way home, and all the kids are looking for him outside?
The answer is GPS tracking. Where’s Fido?
Pet tracking seems to have started this trend.
Tagg is one of the most famous pets.
A simple tracker is built into the collar.
You can remove the collar and give it to someone if you want.
I came from my watch (smartwatch)people.
I\'m pretty sure the product is still in development, but it disappeared as I wrote the story.
This is Google\'s cache page that gives you an idea of how it looks.
I hope it will go public.
Retrievor is a small and elegant solar energy-
The electric GPS tracker currently under development is more than half the financing target of indiegogo.
The description says it\'s a little thicker than the four stacked quarters.
Easy to lose like keys or glasses, but hopefully they will add a keychain fixed type label or a half
Permanent stickers
FAST Search for personal GPS tracker on Amazon (
No member link here)
Demonstrated many great equipment mainly for outdoor enthusiasts;
However, you can have any of them try to keep an eye on elderly parents or willful children.
Take a quick look at the comments and you\'ll find that many of them have limitations or quirks, but these will all be overcome based on new approaches.
On Amazon, the Spot 2 device looks durable and the reviews are good.
I don\'t think a device like Bushnell\'s reverse tracking will go wrong.
Several of them are ready.
Even though it\'s Bluetooth and not GPS, Stick N Find is my favorite one.
For those things that you can usually keep within 100 feet of your people, this oversized button is the way to go.
They can afford it. ~ USD$50)
, The size of a quarter with a sticker (3M adhesive)
Or key chain mounting plate (
Also suitable for hanging on pet collar).
Their indiegogo crowdfunding campaign ($70,000 goal)
Nearly $1 million ($931,870)
January 2013.
If you have lost your luggage, please read Kelly Clay\'s article in the left sidebar: Afraid of losing your luggage?
She explained how TrakDot works.
The company sent me a sample of media reviews but I didn\'t get a chance to test it.
Bike dowels are like your bike LoJack.
However, the successful Kickstarter campaign defined itself as a bicycle accident reporting device.
So if you have people who explore the world by bike, this is your device.
When it comes to Lojack, all I need to do is mention their smartphone software, which can help you get your lost device back, just like a stolen device.
The company offered to send me the trial key, but I have not activated it.
I will probably test it in the near future.
LoJack for Mobile is only available for Samsung Galaxy products such as S4 smartphones or one of the tablets.
While not to help you find a lost person, it is theoretically feasible to do so.
These devices will not stop the ginkgo moment (
That\'s what my friend and mentor at the Wall Street Journal, Tom Pesinger, said. .
You still have to remember that you marked a project and how to find it using your smartphone.
This is a different question.
In the case of protecting those who need protection, any of these gadgets can be a lifeline.
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