Whatever Happened to Pet Rocks

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Image source: cat may be the most popular pet in the United States, but what about those who want a pet but can\'t own it for one reason or another? Over the years, there have been many options to become real living pets.
Some fake pets are short
Some people are still enduring the fashion of life.
Pet Rock short fashion in the middle
1970 of pet stones appear in many families and have found a location.
In the 1975 Advertiser tube, Gary Dahl of Los Gatos, California, raised the idea of pet stones when listening to friends complaining about their pets.
Initially, it started as a joke when he told his friend that a pet Stone was the perfect pet and hardly needed care and care.
In the end, the idea was adopted, and Dahl developed a pun-filled instruction book and played on the words that mentioned rock as a real pet.
The plain gray rock is packed in a \"pet carton\" with breathing holes and bedding straws.
A training manual contains instructions on how to properly care for pet rocks and tips on how to teach new pets.
The fashion lasted for about six months with sales of £ 1.
5 million pet stones make Darl a millionaire.
The original pet Stone is now a collector\'s item;
They no longer produce or sell.
However, in 2009, Martin Abrams of Mego purchased the rights of pet stone and began to produce and sell the new pet Stone series.
In addition to live animal pets, Chia pets can endure another option, that is, Chia pets.
Because Chia pets are living plants, they need to be taken care of more than pet stones.
Zhengda is the bud of the terracotta warriors and horses.
Credit when chia grows: photos in a few weeks show that the plant is similar to animal fur or hair.
The first Chia Pet was created in 1977 and is called Chia Guy.
Pets did not really show up until the ram was released on 1982.
Ram is very popular in the market.
Many other animals have followed along over the years, including a turtle, a pig, a puppy, a rabbit and a kitten.
The Chia craze continues, adding other statues as other statues stop production.
Now, not only pets, but also movies and cartoon characters --
Chias is already known to people.
Chias is usually sold only during the holiday season and as of 2007, sales are reported to be around 500,000 per year.
Chia Pets was originally produced in Mexico and is now produced in China.
With the advancement of technology, pets in the digital age, the concept of artificial pets is also the same
Enter the virtual pet.
In Japan\'s 1996, Yokoi of WiZ and Aki Maita of Bandai created a handheld digital pet called Tamagotchi.
This virtual pet is keychain size and is actually a game with a background story.
Tamagotchi, a small alien, placed an egg on Earth to observe life.
Figure: The goal of Elleana players is to lift creatures from eggs to adulthood.
How a creature grows depends on the care given to it by the owner.
Some models need less care than others, and the gameplay varies.
The game contains all the attributes of a live pet;
It needs feeding and cleaning and may die from abuse or old age.
The game can start again once the pet dies.
Pets grow from eggs to children, teenagers and adults.
The newer models have also added advanced stages.
Each stage lasts for one hour (infant stage)
A few days.
Pets may get sick, need to take medicine, or \"show it\" and need discipline.
In 2009, there were 44 Tamagotchi pets.
According to the sales report, as of 2010, the global sales of virtual pets have exceeded 76 million.
Tamagotchi pets make way for video, animated movies and music.
Perhaps Tamagotchi inspired the Neopets website.
Neopets is more than just a website that simply takes care of virtual pets, and it is quickly welcomed.
The site allows players to create and take care of virtual pets living in the virtual world of Neopia.
Pet food, clothes, toys and accessories can be purchased with neopints or Neocash.
Neocash is a specific event that rewards users to use Neocash for purchase with actual money.
Make a profit by playing games, winning games, investing in the game stock market or trading.
The Neopet boom has spawned a range of books, magazines, real-world luxury goods, grains and other types of goods.
The site is praised for educational content such as its word games, and ranks high in terms of the time visitors stay on the site.
Virtual pets are an option for those who cannot keep pets or do not want to take care of live animals.
But nothing compares to a dog with a tail wagging or a cat\'s warm greetings to wrap the body with legs after a full day of work. Reference:En. wikipedia.
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