Transit customers can load Presto cards at Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws by end of May

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-28
The City of Ottawa says Transit customers can buy Presto cards at dozens of shopper pharmacies and buy money at the Loblawsand Real canada supermarket by the end of May.
Metrolinx, the provincial official agency running the Presto system.
Ottawa transit customers who like to load Presto cards in person must go to OC Transpo or the city customer service center.
Soon, they will be able to purchase cards, load cards and check balances at 51 shopper pharmacies, 12 loblawstores and three real Canadian Superstores.
Presto Services in 66 stores are being implemented step by step until the end of 5.
The city said in a press release released on Monday that the Presto balance will be available immediately when the client loads the funds. First-
Time community pass and EquiPass customers must set discounts at the OC Transpo customer service center before using Presto Services in the store.
Presto is rolling out a new black design for the cards sold in the store, but they work the same way as the Green Presto cards.
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