Toy Firm Turns Popular Mint Strip Into Child\'s Play

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In his quest to create the hottest edible toy since spinning lollipops, no details are too trivial for Michael Bianco, chief merchandise sales officer at Malibu
Alex Pacific, toy manufacturer
Thus, Bianco appointed himself as Jack\'s chief taste tester and, in this capacity, rejected an overly tough sample of grape candy, an overly sticky blue raspberry, and anotherWould-
The cherry version was canceled because it was too bitter, too crispy, too Brown or too pink. Bianco\'s goal?
Dissolved breath of an elusive Candy version
Popular fresh strips for adults.
After more than a year of tasting, tossing and trying, he thought he had got ---
Children in America will want it.
This week, the product will begin to appear on the shelves of specific toy stores.
It sounds like a stupid effort is a potential holy grail for those engaged in selling business to children.
Yes, candy bars may be modern.
The Day blegum cigar and Pez dispenser are combined into one: the children\'s version of adult products, and it is also interesting to collect.
\"When I saw it, I thought, they would sell millions of these things and make a lot of money,\" says Sean McGovern, a toy industry analyst in New York.
\"It put together a bunch of the right things ---
It\'s a toy and a collection and a cool spaceAge-like candy.
What else do you need?
\"Nevertheless, it is also possible for Jacob to end another flash fad or all-out dud.
Candy counters and toy aisles across the country are packed with hope for the next big boom.
Jacob wouldn\'t say how much it cost to develop candy. -
For the first time, it was involved in edible playthings ---
But the company says the product is the company\'s biggest unauthorized toy.
So far, Alex has faced the first big challenge: to increase the appetite of several major buyers.
After several retailers ran the so-called tongue tape, yaxs said it had received more than 5 million orders in the first quarter of next year alone.
This is because it is not possible to show buyers the final product that is still under development.
Trying to turn toys into hot toys is a strange thing and a job.
Like baby peas and cabbage dolls, fashion is often everywhere.
Other times, the winner will be carefully planned.
In terms of tongue tape, yaxs wants to take advantage of the popularity of adult products: Pfizer
Listerine pockpaks and Wm launched about 18 months ago. Wrigley Jr. Co.
This is the Eclipse glitter strip after last summer, with the flavor of cinnamon and mint.
According to Pfizer, consumers have snapped up more than 0. 2 billion lesterns individually. With different-
Size package for $1.
That means retail sales hit hundreds of millions of dollars.
This is enough for toy or candy manufacturers to show that the product is mature and can be extended to the children\'s market. (
Neither Pfizer nor Wrigley, who recently sold candy, will discuss their own new taste plans. )
This is the ultimate travel route for Candy Toy Pez, where Americans buy 3 billion kilograms of edible particles a year. The fruit-
Flavored candy packed into toys is also starting to be a mini product;
The name Pez was invented 70 years ago in Austria, from the German mint company Pfefferminz.
Of course, most toys-
From car to doll-are pint-
Size version of adult product or interest.
\"When I was a kid, I had candy cigarettes,\" said M . \"
Eric Johnson is a professor at Dartmouth Tucker School of Management who studies the toy industry.
\"Toys prepare you for adulthood.
It allows children to experience adult life through toys.
Even the simplest and youngest toy is pursuing the idea. \"For Jakks --
After a series of acquisitions this year, it became the third in the United States.
The biggest toy company behind Mattel
and Hasbro Inc. --
This particular view of adult products is part of a broader goal.
Alex wants to offer a range of products that sell strongly throughout the year, not just during the Christmas shopping season.
So far, yaxs, known for its professional wrestling action figures and feicai event suits, has tried to achieve this by merging.
With the addition of Pentech\'s 2000, the company received a lucrative return --to-
School market and apply for new shelf space in general merchandise and officesupply stores.
Then in 2002, Alex joined Toymax International, the creator of Go Fly Kite and funnoose products, including kites and pool floats that sold well in the summer.
This month, Jacob announced the purchase of water guns, rides and other assets of privately held trendsetters on the basis of a summer release.
With tongue tape, Jacob\'s plan is to build his own product line in a yearround appeal.
Despite continued profitability, Alex is far behind the billions in the toy industry --
It is estimated that 2002 of the company\'s revenue is between $0. 31 billion and $0. 33 billion.
The company went public on 1996, with shares up 27% this year and closing at $13 on Friday. 70 on Nasdaq.
But from 52-
A weekly high of $23.
Reached 70 people in the parade
McGowan, an analyst at the toy industry, and others said Jack\'s strongest move to date is to follow the model of Mattel and Hasbro to build a broad range of stable brands and products.
A successful Candy Toy will mark another sensible step in line with this strategy, McGowan said.
However, trying to make tongue tape is nothing but the kid\'s game.
Jack got the news early that someone else was chasing.
When Jacob contacted edible plastic film producers from around the world, some said they were already making candy bars for other candy and novelty companies and are expected to ship in a few weeks.
\"That was eight months ago,\" Bianco said, sitting in his ocean.
Smile in front of Malibu\'s office.
\"They haven\'t.
\"Let breath --
Oil bar, oil-
Add basic spices to the oil
A fairly simple process.
The problem is that most candy tastes are based on water.
As most target audiences know, oil and water are not mixed.
Adding sugar to the oil flavoring does not work either, as thin and rough films do not have enough quality to accommodate dense sweeteners.
So Bianco and his chemist started using starch more than a year ago. based medium.
This product works well for Hasbro, which uses a similar type of base to record its bite marks, an edible paper with accompanying food --color marker.
The problem with the starch base is that it doesn\'t see-through, melt-
The quality of the product that Alex wants to imitate.
Bianco is not satisfied with what he thinks is foam plastic. like taste.
\"I\'m an old Catholic, so I know ---
\"It tastes like the owner,\" Bianco said . \".
Jacob transfers to other bases and combinations using edible food
Food and Drug Administration
Approved for packaging meat and other grocery products.
To speed up the process, Bianco signed three manufacturers-
One in the United States, one in Canada, one in Japan-
Compete in their own right formula contestA Japanese-
The candy movie made is too rough and sticky.
A combination of various other companies in plastic and starch makes the product too thin, too brittle or too tasteless.
As these companies start shipping samples to Bianco, Jacob\'s chemists are also trying to create ways to taste candy.
The first trick used by chemists and edible film companies is to use artificial sweeteners, which are much thinner and easier to manipulate than traditional sugar with higher density.
The problem is a bitter aftertaste, an unpleasant feeling that goes back to the early sugar alternatives made for coffee and weight loss soda.
Jack of all kinds
Scientists have found a solution to this problem by trying different amounts of citric acid and tannins.
Although the acids themselves are bitter, it has the effect of enhancing the sweet taste of ASBA while reducing its bitter residue, similar to the way Salt brings out the sweet taste in watermelon and tomatoes.
Cherry is the hardest to crack.
If the seasoning method is not correct, the taste of cherries will make many consumers feel unpleasant. -
Bianco calls it a cough syrup factor \".
\"This is the result of the first version with a bitter and medicinal taste.
To show how far the product has gone in just a few months, Bianco turned over a pile of plastic bags until he found a plastic bag full of a day --A green film that glows.
It should be a green apple or watermelon, he said, though he didn\'t remember which one it was until he put it in his mouth.
\"Sour green apples,\" he said, with sweets in his mouth, like wine tasting by a sommelier.
\"Ah, the worst in the world--
The taste is so bad!
\"Happy to announce.
Finally, just a few weeks ago, Jacob thought his chemical and a film company had finally found the right formula.
Shortly thereafter, Bianco met with buyers from KB Toys, holding a lunch box in his hand filled with eight bags of his seasoned films and simulated packaging cut with foamdrawn designs.
At the end of the meeting, he ordered products worth $1 million.
Jakks said Kmart and Toys R & D city also placed orders in the first quarter based on samples and drawings.
\"It dissolves quickly in your mouth, but leaves a lasting taste.
It\'s cool, \"said C, a commodity manager at KB. B. Alberts.
\"I brought back a few things for my daughter and her friends ---they\'re 12 --
They think it\'s cool.
They already liked what was in lystryn, not for the taste.
\"Various flavors are packed in plastic containers, similar to breath fresheners, but different cartoons --
Like decorations, everyone has a huge tongue that reinforces the name: Roaring grapes, lipsLemony-
Lemon, Cherry nuclear station, blue rat raspberry, Sinner-Bomb and Ooh-Ooh Orange.
Yaxs is trying to perfect an acid line for the next phase of the tongue belt.
Jacob suggested a retail price of $1 for the basic container of 24 tongue bands. 99.
$3 deluxe package.
99 will include 36 necklaces, key chains, rings or zip-pull racks.
Bianco lists the possibility of the next set of dispensers with tape flowing out of the car wheels, the action character\'s backpack, or the hood of the toy car.
He added that yaxs could sell tongue tape in reels, rolls and prints.
For now, however, these ideas are just as basic as the ones they used to be
Humble Pez dispenser
\"We are relatively simple people here,\" Bianco said . \"
\"We tend to avoid cutting --Edge technology. . . .
Children are children. they like good, basic and interesting things.
They like candy.
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