Too Young to Die: Jamarcus Allen

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-24
Two years ago, jamakas Allen went to the circus, and he admired the elephants.
Wherever he goes, he carries an elephant keychain.
His mother, Jamella Palmer, said it became dirty as it grew older, but it was also loved.
Always moving, four-year-
Old Jamarcus often throws football around the house or outdoors.
He can\'t wait to have a pair of splints or become a professional football player when he grows up.
He likes to go to daycare and likes to surprise his friends with snacks: when he is in a supermarket or a toy shop, he asks his mother, \"Can you get something for the children?
Jamarcus likes candy as much as other children, but he prefers fruits, especially oranges, strawberries and grapes.
He is looking forward to starting kindergarten in September.
Every night before going to bed, Jamarcus asked his mother to read him a story.
He likes listening very much.
\"Green Eggs and Ham.
\"He knows his abc and can count to 50.
Although he\'s a fan of Batman and spiders
Man, last Halloween, he chose to dress up as a pirate because he was fascinated by the sword.
\"He will make you smile all the time,\" his mother told msnbc . \". com.
\"Everything he wants to do now.
Jamarcus and his father were shot and killed while driving in Akron, Ohio, on January. 23.
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