Time to make shipment of keyring collections to Dubai

Time to make shipment of keyring collections to Dubai


At the end of August, we made the shipment to our Dubai customer,who had been worked with us since 2014.

This customer was a very substantial company in the local market, they focused on the selling of keyring and metal crafts over ten years.This order was confirmed and made on 27th,June, 2019. This order included some metal keyring, fridge magnets and mobile straps. All these products' surfaces were recessed and  need to be filled in with different colors' rubber oils, which need our oil filling department to take time to finish the job carefully. Besides, the customer required the fridge magnet should be magnetic as possible as they could.All the models should be packed with colorful card by double-sided matte UV printed. 

At the beginning,our designer would make the layout of each model according to their files. After the client confirmed the drafts, our mould department started to engrave the models. 

Meanwhile, our factory director held a meeting to set a comprehensive plan as normal. During the meeting, the department managers from die-casting department, gong drill department, polishing department, plating department,assembling department discussed and set the plan to start the production. All the departments worked very hard everyday during the mass production. With their cooperation, the order was finished at the early August.

Then we started to contact with the customer for the shipment.Different from last shipment(air transport), they would ship the goods via sea transportation at this time.Quickly, they informed their shipping agent to get in touch with us within one week. We offered the flies include the packing list to the agent  and confirmed the draft of B/L and passed back with our stamp and signature  to book the sailing. Then the agent prepared the documents for the customs clearance. Finally they noticed us that they would collect the goods on 28th,August from our factory.On 28th, August,  the truck came and picked up the all goods on the morning. It was really something  exciting when we finished the shipment,which was full of everyone's effort and sweat.

We sincerely wished the goods would arrive the customer soon and good sell at the market. 

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