The \'Star Wars\' Sequels Keep Recycling Scrapped Ideas

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-29
The elaborate set was designed directly from the Yako market after the unused work in McQuarrie. . . . . .
Go to the castle of Maz Kanata, just like the Jedi Temple painted by McQuarrie.
McQuarrie originally envisioned R2.
D2 \"runs on a huge ball bearing--
It\'s just a sphere, a circle, a wheel. like.
\"Sounds like a cute robot you know?
The point is that Abrams dug up all these unused ideas for his film. Which is fine.
But since he may have burned all the discarded material in McQuarrie, he is now apparently taking advantage of the rejected ideas from McQuarrie. . . ?
Since we\'re all working on the first trailer for this damn Zapruder movie, we don\'t have to tell you this before it\'s over (
Scored by ol\'s ominous laughter \"laughs\" Palpatine)
Ray and the guys look at that half.
The sinking ruins of the second dead star
This is closely related to screenwriter Michael Arendt\'s search for underwater debris for a second dead star to restore key history about the sacred Jedi site in the galaxy.
\"Yes, sprinkling soda on the keyboard will blow up your laptop, but for the Imperial computer system, it\'s no problem to be submerged in the damn ocean.
Abrams seems to be being freed from a storyline that was not considered normal five years ago, which is a bit odd.
But the story of Arndt does not include the reproduction of Palpatine, and we speculate that Palpatine has been living happily in the ruins of the Death Star for the last 30 years, no different from Ariel and her friends on the bottom of the sea.
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