The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/27/11

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Host Rachel Cherry: Lawrence, I was very shocked by your conversation with Ms. Lawrence. Taitz.
I want to know how you feel?
Host Lawrence O\'Donnell: it\'s over, right behind us, and she\'s over.
I heard it.
Brave and amazing.
Thank you, Lawrence. Thanks a lot.
Thanks, Rachel.
MADDOW: Thank you for staying with us for an hour at home.
Happy birthday.
Yes, it actually happened at the White House today.
We will get there in the end, I promise.
But the first is true.
After 2010 midterm elections, after last year\'s elections, an organization called the Center for reaction Politics looked at who spent the most money in that election.
They concluded that the company-funded party in Republican politics completely destroyed the cause of Democrats and Democrats nationwide.
In the last election, there were so many external groups on the right than on the left that they-
Not even quantitative.
They qualitatively changed the nature of the competition in that election.
This is how the political center responds.
They said: \"The Democrats brought a bat and the Republicans brought a grenade.
This is the difference between conservatives and liberals.
This is the difference between Democrats and Republicans.
When someone says something about bringing grenades to Republicans, Republicans put it on the main page because they are proud of it.
This is the front page of Carl ROV\'s unlimited consumer movement group \"GPS at American intersections and intersections.
They boasted about grenades on the front page.
This is what they advertise.
We can report tonight.
ROV\'s group may bring the exact same grenade they brought in the last election as they thought the next big fight, and over the last few nights we \'ve highlighted a fight in this show --
Ordinary American citizens expressed their anger at the organic grass-roots level to Republicans who voted for Paul Ryan\'s Republican budget.
Republican lawmakers are opposed and angry about voting to abolish health insurance and vote to reduce the tax rate on the rich to 1930. (
Start Video Editing)REP.
Dan Webster®Florida: none of the elderly are hurt by the budget.
Man: What?
You\'re a liar! (
Delete dirty words)(INAUDIBLE)
Do you know anything about medical insurance? REP.
Paul Ryan. ®Well, I did not attend. No.
Unidentified male: that\'s what I\'m driving.
You asked me if I voted to abolish health insurance.
Woman: Well, you did vote to abolish health insurance.
That\'s how he voted! (End Video Clip)
MADDOW: As we mentioned on this show, there\'s a minor issue with Republicans --
On the whole.
House Republicans held their own conference call yesterday to try to do some damage control over how to better communicate their vote on Paul Ryan\'s Republican budget.
A congressional aide told Reuters today that \"some lawmakers are under a lot of pressure. ”But post-
To be frank, if you\'re talking about how politics happens, then the party is almost irrelevant.
Republicans can call as many calls as they want for their members, and the corporate side of Republican politics will fight for them in huge dollars.
The corporate side of Republican politics is stepping up the opposition.
This is an amazing attack. Within the scope.
On the side of the battle, people like Florida random veterans once again expressed his anger at the Republican plan to kill health insurance and cut V. A.
Benefits of tax cuts for rich people and companies.
The gentleman appeared yesterday at a town hall event by Florida Republican congressman Daniel Webster.
We played his comments on the show last night.
So we will use him to understand this, right?
This is one side of it.
This is something on the other side. (
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Narrator: something unusual happened last week.
In Washington, D. C. C.
In all places, elected officials actually did what they said.
The House passed a budget to protect and retain health insurance over the next few years, and our Congressman Daniel Webster voted to protect health insurance and protect health insurance for future retirees.
Paid by association 60. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: paid by association 60.
Paid by association 60.
Sounds like real time.
According to people in their 60 s, the Republican plan, the Paul Ryan plan, of course, protects and keeps health insurance by dismantling it.
The 60-year-old group is running these radio ads, they are also running robot phones, they are now sending mail in 39 House areas, all this is about Republicans who voted to kill Medicare and they really voted to protect it.
When they took action to kill people, they meant hugs-people in their 60 s fired $800,000 into a nearby area in the campaign.
Who funded it?
We don\'t know who funded the-60 Plus without revealing it.
However, in terms of the interests they have advocated in the past, as early as the age of 2000, groups in their 60 s lobbied against allowing countries to re-
It will be cheaper to import prescription drugs from Canada.
Remember that battle?
What\'s the point that older advocacy groups don\'t want older people to get cheaper drugs?
Why are they lobbying in that direction?
Ah, almost all of their biggest contributors at the time came from the same source, the pharmaceutical industry in this country.
Now, the same group over the age of 60 says Paul Ryan plans to privatize health insurance, so it\'s actually great for health insurance to cancel it.
Part of the counter.
The attack on the right is a group of Americans pursuing prosperity.
AFP is running pro-
Paul Ryan\'s Republican budget radio advertising, online advertising and robotic phones are currently in more than 20 regions across the country.
The total amount of advertising purchases is about $400,000.
Who will pay?
Come again. I don\'t know.
Americans who fought for prosperity did not disclose their donors.
Believe me, we have asked them many, many times.
However, what we know about them, at least in part, is funded by company funds.
This is what us prosperous President Tim Phillips told us on 2009. (
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Tim Phillips, the American boom: we want to have more corporate funding, so feel free to give it to us if there are more companies watching tonight. (END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: America\'s prosperity was founded by 18 of the richest people in the world, one of the Koch brothers.
For prosperity, Americans are now stepping in to defend Paul Ryan\'s budget, which of course cuts taxes on companies and the wealthiest people in the country.
There is also Karov\'s team, GPS at American intersections and intersections.
They told us tonight that they have not yet released the grenade in this battle, which is known as the grenade, but they told us that the quote \"This may change.
A spokesman for the group told us, quoting him, \"there has been an increasing number of donor activities since President Obama\'s budget speech two weeks ago.
Donor interest has peaked.
When asked what kind of resources they could use in this fight, Sir
Mr. ROV\'s team reminded us that $750,000 was purchased last month for advertising in pursuit of union rights.
When the intersection and the intersection GPS work, who will pay for this kind of thing?
At some point last year, 91% of the money at the crossroads came from a few people, only a few billionaires.
However, the intersection GPS does not need to be disclosed to the public who funded them at all.
In addition to all the large sums of money coming from the right on this issue, there are other conservative groups, such as free engineering, such as part of the Heritage Foundation\'s American Heritage Action, I think.
In addition, the U. S. action network has joined this big conservative, apparently, company. funded counter-offensive.
They are doing things like distributing pro-
Key points of Paul Ryan\'s budget talk.
The last group, the American Action Network, consists of a current and former Wall Street executive.
You know, they might benefit a little from Paul Ryan\'s tax. cutting budget.
The budget also happened to tear down some of the key parts of President Obama\'s Wall Street reform law.
So far, that\'s how we can figure out who\'s behind the scenes of the conservative opposition --
Block a strong condemnation of Paul Ryan\'s Republican budget, which is currently illuminating town hall across the country.
What happened in these town hall events was not organized by anyone.
The Democrats have their own bases here.
After people appeared themselves and started doing so at the Town Hall, the machines of the Democrats and liberals began to scramble to try to catch up and strengthen what was going on.
But look at their efforts on the left compared to the company.
Support the efforts that take place on the right.
Now, the Democratic House campaign committee, DCCC, is running radio ads, Web ads, and robotic phones that attack Paul Ryan\'s budget.
They run them in 25 sep active swing zones.
Total advertising costs $6,000.
This is not a typo.
A Democratic group called House Majority PAC now broadcasts radio ads in 10 regions.
Their ad purchases totaled $100,000.
That\'s it.
We know.
See how the two sides fight each other, right?
I mean, this is the money on the right, $800,000 for more than 60 dollars, and the last big acquisition of Carl ROV\'s billionaire group for the prosperity of $400,000 is three --
A million dollar quarter.
Who knows what else is in these wells?
Other conservative groups were funded and they said they would be involved?
This is what we have on the right.
By contrast, $106,000 is on the left.
Liberal groups seem to be trying to raise money to compete here.
Groups like Americans are united to change, protecting your care is a group and moving on.
These groups are already doing some early organization, but look at what they are trying to compete.
What\'s happening here has a real political effect on the reaction of the House Republicans to the country they just voted.
If what Republicans have to implement this year and next is a plan that defines their party, a plan to kill health insurance, a budget for a rotten tomato target, even in red areas across the country, the Republican election opportunities will not show up either, and you can see that the right people think this is not going to work because they are really, really, really big money is pouring in to stop it.
Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders is joining us now.
He\'s in the studio with us tonight.
Senator Sanders, it\'s nice to have you here.
Thank you for coming. SEN.
Bernie Sanders (I)
Nice to be with you, Rachel.
MADDOW: do you think this is a way from now on?
Any time, any form of grassroots momentum grows on the left, it will be satisfied with the things of the company on the right, anonymous donors?
Of course the answer is yes.
What you see, I have to tell you is what we can expect as we get closer to the election.
As citizens are United, what can happen now is that billionaires and companies can offer hundreds of millions of dollars to campaigns, radio ads, TV commercials, and, as you said just now, they do it in secret.
Ryan\'s budget is the most radical right-wing extremist budget passed in the history of Congress.
This will change the United States, adding $1 trillion in tax relief to the richest people that the country has done very well, and in the middle of the recession, when staff, low-income people, middle class are being hurt, it will destroy the program one by one
As you have just pointed out, converting medical insurance into a voucher program means that elderly people with low and middle income will have to take out the money they don\'t have when they are sick and eventually in hospital.
It was a disaster.
I think what you\'re seeing is an election based on the Ryan budget.
I just learned today that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is planning to submit the Ryan budget to the Senate.
Get the Republicans to vote.
I think this is a good strategy.
But this is the battle.
I don\'t think most Americans want to see the vision of America.
MADDOW: I find it interesting to see this at the constitutional City Hall meeting of the Republican congressman.
This means that those who live in the area where Republican lawmakers are elected have this feeling about Paul Ryan\'s budget.
What we see is not necessarily the foundation of democracy, it does not seem to be an organized effort, it seems to be an organic thing.
In view of this, can the Democratic Party be organized on this basis? As such—
Not necessarily more than anything else, but to turn this into an ongoing, election-worthy effort?
Of course I hope so.
But I want to tell you something, and the polls I \'ve seen suggest that the working class of the Tea Party doesn\'t think it\'s a good idea to cancel Medicare, Medicaid or Pell bursaries.
So I think the Democratic Party now has the opportunity to come up with an American vision that is very different from Ryan\'s Republican budget.
Your point is, will this be an ongoing activity?
Reid plans to bring the bill to the Senate and give Republican colleagues the opportunity to vote for or against it, which I think is the first step.
But I think that\'s what the campaign is about.
Do you give tax cuts to billionaires and destroy projects on which millions of Americans depend?
On top of that, it is clear that our Republican friends also want to undermine Social Security.
So, I can\'t think of a moment in American history where the choice is clearer.
I don\'t think the vast majority of Americans, including many Republicans, support the basic concept of the Republican budget.
I know you are-
I think you had two town hall events in Vermont yesterday? SANDERS: Yes.
MADDOW: you have another one tomorrow.
What did you hear-
I mean, your constituency is the whole state, and Vermont is a more diverse state.
I live near Vermont.
This is a more diverse country than people think.
What did you hear from your constituents?
Rachel, we had a meeting to talk about children\'s problems and family issues.
I will tell you that if your TV camera is there, someone will shed tears and hear what single mothers and families are struggling with right now.
They said, look, how do I get to work if they cut the starting line?
I have a job now.
How do I get to work if I don\'t have kids
Take care of the children or start first?
People are now struggling with health care.
What should I do if they cut the Medicaid?
I have a long-term health problem.
I don\'t have much money.
If the doctor destroys health care, how do I go to them?
People are talking about the fact that their children will not be able to go to college if the Pell grants are slashed.
So what you see is that people are sticking to it right now.
If Republicans cut those programs to cut taxes on millionaires, it would be a huge pain.
I was in Morrisville, Vermont last night.
A woman raised her hand and said, asking a very simple question.
She said, \"What do people think will happen when they do all these things?
What will happen to people?
\"I will tell you what happens to people.
People will die.
We now lose 45,000 people a year, they don\'t see a doctor when they should, 45,000.
What do you think would happen if millions of people were removed from Medicaid?
If you are an elderly person, let\'s say you are making money when their plan starts to be implemented 10 years later --
You make $20,000 a year. you have cancer.
What are you going to do with a $8,000 voucher?
What do you think you will do?
How long will it last in the hospital?
What\'s wrong with you?
So I think what you\'re talking about is attack.
The huge amount of money used by their Republican friends to reshape the United States in a way that most people in our country don\'t want to see is an unprecedented attack.
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders
It\'s so nice to have you here in person.
Thank you for coming. Appreciate it.
Thank you so much, Rachel.
This is the political news of today, it affects the real people, the real policy.
Then there is another thing, the birth certificate, which has nothing to do with policy.
This is related to political opportunistic and a group of people making a lot of money.
Yes, it was a racket.
We will explain it next. (
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MADDOW: a note on what Senator Bernie Sanders just said the Senate was forced to vote on Paul Ryan\'s budget.
On Monday\'s show, I asked the only Chris Hayes how Democrats used people\'s hatred of Paul Ryan\'s budget.
Chris responded that the Senate should vote on this.
The Senate deserves all.
They should, like Republicans in the House, have all Republican senators vote in a disastrous political vote on the matter. (
Start Video Editing)
Chris Hayes, MSNBC contributor: they should vote on the Ryan budget in the Senate.
Harry Reid should vote in the Senate. (END VIDEO CLIP)
It was Chris Hayes on Monday night.
Today, as Senator Sanders has just said, Harry Reid said he will arrange a vote in the Senate.
What does this mean?
That means Chris Hayes is very, very smart.
So we love him. (
Business break)
Before Barack Obama, the last Democrat to run for president was John Kerry.
Navy veteran John Kerry
He was a lieutenant when he retired.
He served in Vietnam and received a Silver Star, a Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts.
The whole reason John Kerry first became a public figure after returning home from the war is because it is so eye-catching to see someone who is as well decorated as he openly opposes the war.
But, of course, in 2004, he bravely ran for president with a sitting president who fought two wars but never fought one.
So part of the campaign against John Kerry is to try to erase his war hero status, deny the medals he deserves, say he\'s a coward and he lies to get those medals
One of the most shocking things when you study John Kerry\'s fast boating is when you arrive at the fast boating book that attacks his services in Vietnam.
When you look at the cover of the book, look at the belt in the right corner.
Look at that Miss America.
Look up at the belt.
The New York Times is the first best seller.
Seriously, that thing.
The same person did this debunked but politically deadly fast boating book, and he has another potential number one best seller on the road.
It hasn\'t been released yet, but was ranked first last week on the Amazon bestseller list.
It is called \"Where is the birth certificate: Barack Obama is not qualified to be president.
\"The new book, published by the World Web daily, is a hub for right-wing people to attack President Obama as a secret foreigner.
If you want to buy the book \"President Obama goes abroad in secret\", you don\'t have to go to Amazon. You can buy it directly from the World Network Daily online supermarket.
They sell at a discount of $8.
70 more than Amazon? Yes.
You will find it for sale in their special birther district.
There is a full section of the World Network Daily supermarket for the professional project of birth certificate.
They also invite you to spend between $2,000 and $5,000 underwriting ads for the book, which is on the head of hopelessly biased and politically correct media.
You can pay for it.
You can pay once, or you can deduct it from your account once a month.
The World Internet Day supermarket is also selling \"where is the birth certificate?
\"Yard sign and rally sign for $19. 95 each.
Undocumented workers call the president undocumented workers. Get it?
With a $4 White House qualification postcard, they planted the sign \"where is the birth certificate\" on the White House lawn --
Thanks for the miracle of the photo shop.
You can use birther on bumper stickers or magnets.
There is a reason why they call this a super store.
This is not like the cellar of \"the birthplace of suspected Sports.
This is a lot of birther items.
To be frank, everything is very expensive.
These people have been asking President Obama to release his birth certificate, right?
President Obama did it today.
No, you\'re not high. it really happened.
Even if you are tall, seriously, it still happens.
But if you have rackets like the World Web, if you have money --
Around this question, make super shop rackets like this, will you give up?
Will you give up on this?
Of course, you won\'t give up.
If you go to the World Network today to see their reaction to the press conference on President Obama\'s birth certificate, you will notice two things.
First of all, obviously, they still don\'t buy it.
Under the heading \"The White House releases Obama, citing \'birth certificate, \'\" the editor and executive officer of the World Network Daily said the quote \"It is important to remember, about Barack Obama\'s parental status, his adoption, and dozens of other issues about eligibility that need to be addressed, the citizenship of his life
For everyone, it is now a big mistake to conclude based on the release of this document, which raises as many questions as possible.
\"The World Network Daily also today put forward the theory that maybe the new birth certificate actually proves that President Obama is not qualified to be president because his father has something inexplicable? Yes.
Also, please pay attention to the graphics here and look at the Graphics
Swift boating the smooth picture of the new dust jacket of the guy new Busser book.
The World Wide Web daily assures you today that the book is still completely relevant.
World Net today quoted the fast boating writer as saying, \"When people read the book, they will find that Obama is not qualified to become president.
Still, the books they are trying to make all this money from this new book are not yet published, so of course they can\'t let it go.
This is a moneymaking scam.
This is a racket.
This is one of the reasons it exists, it will continue to be promoted and will continue.
But you know not everyone is involved in this scam.
Conspiracy theories are their own rewards.
There is a reason why Glen Baker is a popular television and radio host.
Glen Baker makes money by selling conspiracy theories.
But his audience did not make any money from it.
People like conspiracy theories.
This is how we are as a country.
The Kennedy assassination, the moon landing, the Roswell alien, the 9/11 incident, were all internal work.
Americans like conspiracy theories.
That\'s how we got knocked down. Sixty-
6% of Americans believe the assassination of Kennedy was part of the plot.
As of 2006, 36% thought the United States was likelyS.
The government has allowed or implemented 9/11. Thirty-
3% believe that aliens have visited the Earth.
6% still believe the moon landing is fake.
It\'s not a bunch of people, it\'s one of us, and a lot of Americans like these things.
It\'s easy for us to believe this.
This makes the country a fertile land for another group that is promoting this.
Another group that has substantial interest in Barack Obama is a secret foreign birth certificate story, a group of Republican politicians.
Not all of these people, of course, but Republican politicians who want to be frank and push this issue for the sake of racist political advantage.
Politicians who do not want to be called racists, of course, want to use resentment politically and not accept Barack Obama as the true president of the United States.
You can\'t really participate in mainstream national party politics right now, and you can\'t become white supremacists openly, but birther is a convenient agent for that.
The president is a secret foreigner.
He can\'t be American.
He is not legal.
He doesn\'t seem right as president, does he?
Not because of his politics, but because of himself.
About his body, his biography, there is something that makes him look like he should not be allowed to take such a stand.
The birth certificate serves as an excuse to just question whether Barack Obama should be allowed to run for president, as birther Presidential candidate Donald Trump, began to extend his questioning of the president\'s birth certificate to a series of other things that he believes should now be challenged by the president as well. (
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Entrepreneur Donald Trump: according to what I have read, the word is that he is a bad student when he goes to the West.
Then he went to Colombia.
Then he went to Harvard.
I heard at Columbia that he was not a good student and then he went to Harvard.
If you are not a good student, how did he enter Harvard?
Now, maybe it\'s right, maybe it\'s wrong, but I don\'t know why he\'s not posting his records.
Why didn\'t he publish his western records? (END VIDEO CLIP)
The president announced his birth certificate today.
This is the reply from the front page on the right-
Report on hard work.
Now, let\'s take a look at the university records.
I usually don\'t quote people like Donald Trump in the Draghi report, but if anyone doubts whether this has anything to do with the fact that the president\'s birth certificate, just in case, there is any doubt about it, let\'s figure it out, shall we?
It\'s almost helpful to send out the birth certificate, so we can all see that this has always been just a position --
The original race question about whether people like President Obama should be allowed to run for the job.
That\'s why Republican politicians have been pushing this forward.
Despite so much ridicule, they have been pushing it all the time and it has worked.
It resonated.
Even Republican politicians who do not want to be called \"birds\" are widely inciting the problem.
At least 13 states now require further proof of the president\'s legitimacy.
Last week, a New York Times and CBS poll showed that 67% of Republican voters thought President Obama was not born in the United States. S.
Or they say they\'re not sure.
So Republican politicians want to use racial discontent, people like Barack Obama are allowed to run for jobs like this, and they find it an effective way to spark that sentiment, using this emotion to capture this emotion, they will not give up.
Texas Congressman Louis gocht announced today that the whole thing the president did in the briefing room and the birth certificate only proves that we need a federal birth act.
Sponsored back in 2009.
Newt Gingrich, a potential presidential candidate to respond to the incident today, said the president decided to release his long-form birth certificate
Gingrich\'s answer was, \"What has it taken him so long to do?
As if to say, the conspiracy is still going on.
Why is it so long?
Texas Republicans who support the state-level birther bill have announced today that his bill is \"still on the table \".
His legislative director explained that we would like to see a birth certificate that we have from Mombasa, Kenya, with his footprint.
He has not yet produced an American birth certificate, and what he is talking about with Kenya is one of the many very serious fake foreign birth certificates circled on the Internet.
The past and the present are very powerful, but politicians do continue to push this kind of thing.
This is not the person in the comments section of the World Network Daily.
That was the legislative director of a State Council.
Now that the issue has been more substantial confirmed, it is bull Puky, why would we expect politicians who are attractive to the issue to stop pushing it?
In grifters (ph)
The same deal, right now, it turns out to be a more substantial bull market, used to be a bull market, why would they stop now?
All the reasons they had to push these things before, they still had to keep pushing.
All incentives remain consistent.
So, politicians, I can understand why they keep pushing it, the complainers (ph), I got it.
This is something I don\'t understand.
What is the reason for any reporter pushing this? (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: What do you think about this birth certificate issue?
I mean, it\'s not my main problem, but it\'s really a bit weird here after a while.
Can\'t they produce it?
Unidentified woman: suppose the person you investigated is still in Hawaii?
TRUMP: Well, I don\'t want to comment on this, but I can tell you that there are a lot of issues with this.
He\'s not-
He has no birth certificate.
You know, I hope he will.
Let me give you an example.
Unidentified male: He can simply end it and it will end as long as it is shown to us.
Trump: This is the birth certificate.
Thank you very much, Steve.
I appreciate it.
Just show us the birth certificate.
Man: That\'s simple. (END VIDEO CLIP)
It\'s so simple.
Look, with regard to the coverage of taking media time to cover birtherism itself, I think this is something that can be defended.
Reporting this phenomenon, reporting this fact, this is a fund-raising activity, and it is also a money-making activity on the right, revealing that this is a conspiracy theory, these are respectable excuses to take the time to talk about the birther phenomenon in the news context, but what is the excuse?
What is even motivation?
What is the explanation for journalists, journalists, and even journalists who are not Fox News?
Pushing forward ideas on the real issue of the president\'s legitimacy, wondering if the president is a secret foreigner, wondering if he is hiding something from us, is a reasonable question, wondering if he should not be allowed to participate in the work?
I understand why Republican politicians do this.
I understand why grifters do this.
I can imagine myself understanding like someone working on Fox News Channel.
Why a non
Did Fox News? (
Start Video Editing)
Ed henry, CNN: Last night, Trump told CNN that his birth certificate was missing.
It\'s either not there or it\'s taken out in some way, which is a problem for the president.
What does the White House say when it hears this ongoing statement?
Trump and others say it\'s not an actual birth certificate, as you know, Hawaii --
The health department says you can apply for a birth certificate.
You have made a request for freedom of information and within a few weeks you will get a copy from the vault.
Why is the president not --(END VIDEO CLIP)
MADDOW: Press the bird man\'s reason in the White House briefing room.
Legislation that undermines the president\'s legitimacy as an American, questioning whether he should be allowed to run for president in the first place.
The legislation was drafted by Republicans at the state and federal levels.
Republicans pushed it to the federal level in 2009.
They are now pushing this work in the legislature in more than a dozen states.
Deliver on a feeling that must be self-evident that rejects the idea that people who look like President Obama can become president of the United States.
That\'s why Republican politicians have been pushing this as an issue.
The complainers have been pushing this theory because it turns out to be a particularly profitable conspiracy theory for the right.
So, this conspiracy theory is driven by Republican politicians because it has racist political interests, and it\'s driven by cheaters because of money.
Why did reporters push? (
Business break)
Nine Americans were killed in Afghanistan today.
Eight of them were soldiers and one was civilians.
This is the most number.
The most populous country in the United StatesS.
Troops have been killed in an attack in Afghanistan since 2005.
The nine Americans are trainers of Afghan security forces.
They are at Kabul airport.
This is a member of the Afghan security forces, an Air Force officer, who was the perpetrator of the attack.
If the attack by Afghan soldiers killing Americans in Afghanistan sounds familiar, it could be because an Afghan army recruit killed six American soldiers. S.
The soldiers were attacked by grenades less than two weeks ago.
Last week, a man in Afghan military uniform killed two others inside the Afghan Defense Ministry.
There are at least four other examples this year, uniformed Afghans, who should be our allies in that war, who should work with Americans, on the contrary, uniformed Afghans use the opportunity of contact with Americans to kill Americans, or at least try to kill Americans.
Now, part of the overall explanation of how we got out of the war in Afghanistan is that they got up and we got up.
You may remember our other war in Iraq.
The task of training Afghan security forces should be so important that it is our way out of Afghanistan.
Afghan trainees have repeatedly killed American trainers and American service personnel who should serve together, which has cast a considerable shadow on the prospect of the United States coming out of Afghanistan. S. military.
If you think about these things, you will come to the conclusion that maybe we need to have some new thinking about our military challenges, about our war in Afghanistan, and today\'s major national security news May
Once again, we learned that from now on, people from the CIA will run the army and people from the military will run the CIA.
President Obama, who will announce the retirement of Defense Secretary Bob Gates at Rose Garden tomorrow, has said for a while.
General David Petraeus will retire from his 30 + years
Long military career
He will return from Afghanistan to run the CIA.
The current CIA director Leon Panetta will leave office to take over the old job of Bob Gates leading the Defense Department.
In addition, former ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker will become the new ambassador to Afghanistan.
If it all sounds like a music chair, it\'s because it\'s a music chair.
Back in 1947, an anonymous diplomatic official published an article in The Journal of Diplomacy, which was published in the name of Mr. X.
He did not want to use his real name because he did not want to undermine his work in the diplomatic corps, but, he wanted to contain what he called a firm and vigilant check on the expensive trend in Russia, or the basic national strategy of the Cold War-containment-makes an argument.
Center for International Scholars, woodslide Wilson, Washington, D. C. C.
Just released what they basically charge as a follow-up. up to Mr.
Today, 64 years later
The author of this article is actually two men, two officers, a naval officer and a naval officer.
But in the paper, they arelined as Mr. Y.
Their reason should be that the new big idea that inspires all of America\'s national security ideas now is that we need to rely not entirely on the international power and influence of giants, and frankly, over-use expensive armies
Joining us now is a person who has done more than anyone in the last decade, and he has expressed the same type of big reflection on American power.
He\'s Andrew bachevich.
His new book is called the Washington Rules: The way America leads to a permanent war.
\"Now the paperback has been published.
He is a professor of international relations at Boston University.
Professor Bacevich, thank you very much for coming tonight.
Andrew bachevich, Boston University: Thank you for inviting me.
MADDOW: How important is Sir?
At this time, is this type of idea and publication?
BACEVICH: It\'s a good setup and it\'s a good one because I think you really put your finger on a big issue and that\'s the re-arrangement of the recliner, I think, in exchange for people we don\'t think have ideas, Panetta, Petraeus, which shows that the Capitol has no strategic thinking in the last decade, which makes us seeY.
I think, sir.
Y\'s article is not interested because of the content, more because of who wrote it.
The captain of the Navy, the colonel of the Marine Corps, basically said that our attitude towards national security policy has been over-militarized.
Instead of trying to control or dominate the world, we should focus on engagement.
\'I think it\'s particularly important that we really need to pay more attention to what\'s going on at home,\' they said.
They use the phrase \"sustainable prosperity.
\"In other words, prosperity is not just the profit your company has made in the past quarter.
Prosperity requires sustainable prosperity in the long run, which means that the state should devote some of the resources of the Ministry of Defense to building infrastructure and developing educated citizens.
Now, I think it is important that it comes from two in-service officers.
I think many people may think that supporters of change in the field of national security may think that the military corps may be a place to resist change.
These people, I think, help us understand that the military corps is most likely a constituency that supports change.
I\'m not just telling you these two people.
One of the things that has impressed me since my last book was published is a lot of emails
The mail I received from serving officers, not my acquaintances, they basically said you were right and things messed up.
We need to take a different approach.
I have not received an email
Three or four Mailstar generals.
It\'s actually better. I‘m getting e-
The mail from the captain, major and lieutenant colonel means the coming generation of military leaders.
It really gives me the hope that if we can have a serious debate on the national security of this country, we may actually find that members of the corps of officers support change that is in the interest of the whole country.
Do you think it is possible for us to have this debate?
You see politics-
I mean, you\'re a keen political observer and a keen military observer.
Do you think we will have a real discussion about this?
BACEVICH: Well, the military corps will not spark this debate.
I mean, the debate has to come from our civilian leadership, where I do --
I\'m not going to say despair, but I\'m almost desperate because, frankly, it seems to me that the Democratic Party\'s civilian leader, in this regard, must be the source of the drive for change, I have not yet shown the moral courage necessary to take political risks that are necessary to say that we are on the wrong path.
We will not rule the world with American military power.
We will bankrupt the country.
We will squander any moral qualities we have.
So there needs to be an honest, non-
Party Debate on alternatives. I think Mr.
Y gave us some enlightening ideas about these alternatives, but it has to come from our political leadership.
MADDOW: Washington Rules: The way America leads to a permanent war Andrew bachevich, professor of BU history of international relations, Boston University and people who have a long career in the United StatesS.
Thank you for joining us tonight.
It\'s always a real joy, real eyes
Talk to you. Thank you.
Mr. buswidge: Thank you.
We will be back soon.
Business break)
MADDOW: at the birth certificate press conference at the White House this morning, everyone on Earth said, wow, that\'s how it happened.
MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor is more talkative and eloquent than anyone else I know.
She made a dramatic response on grio. com.
My first instinct was to go underground. ph)
Put Goldie\'s work on the cue card and let you read it while I shut up.
In the end, we realized that it would be smarter for her to explain.
Let her say it.
We never did this before.
A guest on an op in the air
But I think this is the case. (Start Video)
Special editor for THEGRIO, goldie taylor.
COM: my grandmother used to show me your newspaper.
This is what the police said to major black when he was 19, and major black was her great-grandfather.
The major dug in the pants of his wallet and patted his jacket, but could not find his wallet.
\"I did forget my wallet, sir,\" he said . \"
But before he finished his sentence, the young man was put on a brick wall, handcuffed and taken to the Holy
City of Louis prison
He was unable to prove himself, and for the next 21 days he was going to spend it in a crowded moldy cell.
That\'s where his brother Matt found him.
He was beaten and covered with blood.
Later that day, Matt returned with Major\'s employer.
Wallet and ID card in hand.
They need to issue bonds.
The police need to see a white face.
It\'s 1899 years old. major blackhead is my great grandfather.
The real crime is that major blackhead was a person of color who lived in the United States in 1899.
When I first received my first notice this morning, the president had to show his long form birth certificate and distribute it by White House staff, which reminded me of a very ugly time in history.
It recalls a time when people of color, especially black people, were not allowed to appear on the street without identification.
Here we are with the officially elected president of the United States.
He was asked to show his certificate, not just the birth certificate.
They continued to ask for his college transcript.
Never at 235 of US-
We asked a president to prove that he was born in the United States.
Trump: Good morning.
Taylor: Donald Trump was quick to host a press conference, an amazing self-presentation.
He was praised for forcing our president to hand over his birth certificate.
The former real estate developer, socialite, writer and television celebrity continues to remind bystanders that experts review the documents like the president did with fraud.
Trump doesn\'t even want a birth certificate.
He wants the president to publish his college transcript.
He meant that Barack Obama was the beneficiary of affirmative action, replacing a more qualified white student.
Apparently, graduating from America\'s most prestigious law school with honors and being appointed editor of Harvard Law Review, the institution\'s highest student honors are not enough for Trump.
People like Trump, you never see enough.
Trump: I mean, if he calls or leaves the basketball court, or whatever he was doing at the time, he should focus on OPEC and lower those prices.
Taylor: It\'s like he\'s in a better position on the basketball court.
Don\'t trust them when they tell you it\'s not racial discrimination.
The debate was entirely about canceling the position of black president.
Those who question the place where Barack Obama was born are clearly the same people and if people like me move next door they pack up and move out of the community.
They\'re the same people who believe in Africa-
On the basketball court, Americans are more suitable than in conference rooms.
When they say they want to take back their country, they mean us. (END VIDEOTAPE)
MoDo: Goldie Taylor today published a full article in thegrio and a response to this presidential press conference. com.
Highly recommended.
Thank you, Goldie, for our first guest. ed.
It\'s time for the \"education show.
Good night to you.
This is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
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