The Keyport is a modular multitool for your keys and Swiss army knife

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-17
Subscribe on YouTube, why bring your keys and Swiss Army knives at the same time when you can carry an object containing both?
If you \'ve been lamenting the weight of your pocket or wallet and desperately looking for a way to sort out the keychain clutter, there may be a solution.
Meet Keyport is a modular access device that integrates all your basic functions (or semi-essential)
Put daily items in one device.
Most importantly, since KeyportID is an online lost and found service, you don\'t have to worry about losing Keyport either. The pocket-
The ready-to-use device is not only a key organization, but also equipped with a Swiss Army knife, and its expansion includes a USB flash drive mini-
Flashlight, bottle opener and, of course, a knife.
This means that whether you need to open the front door or open the file on your computer, Keyport is covered for you.
Perhaps the most striking aspect of Keyport is its modular design, which means that you can continue to add features and accessories to your heart content.
The original key port device is made entirely of metal and features a \"unique locking mechanism\" that provides \"perfect tension to ensure smooth operation.
\"Groupon promises not to relax over time, it can hold up to nine keys, or up to 15 keys with expansion packs.
Don\'t worry if you lose your fulcrum
It is engraved with a unique serial number that the discoverer can easily insert into the online portal and can help the owner connect their pivot with just a click.
To be fair, it\'s not as simple as having a tile or other Bluetooth tracker, but it\'s always better than nothing.
Given that your fulcrum may contain all the important things, it is obviously crucial to have a way to restore it in the case of misplacement.
There are currently three kinds of anodized aluminum color on the Keyport line-
Red, black and silver.
Ordering one of these organizers, you can go through the entire customization process and make decisions between colors, add-ons, extension packages, and modules.
Groupon starts at $20, but of course, if you want to add more fancy stuff, you can quickly put your whole life in your pocket.
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