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by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-09
Like any remodeling or movement, you can decide what to keep and what to clear.
I have cleared a lot and ARC and Goodwill are very happy with me.
I also saved some things.
The closet is filled with prom dresses, ski jackets, other kinds of jackets and coats.
My adult daughter.
Backpack, wallet, you call it.
I will arrange them on the couch, take pictures and text my girls.
Do you want these? No. No. No. No.
Oh, maybe keep the dance dress for Halloween.
Well, at least my wardrobe is more open and clear. (
Haven\'t handled the coat closet downstairs yet.
I dare not ask them the handmade quilts I made for them before they were born.
I will give it to their children.
If they say no, I think I will cry.
I don\'t think they will. . .
I didn\'t give them the chance.
Your home office is also another opportunity.
Shelf Help purchased years ago (
Probably never seen it)is old news. Trends change.
Things that worked 5 years ago or less may not work now.
There are about 30 3-ring binder in my office closet. All empty!
I don\'t have to buy a 3-ring binder anymore!
And three big bookcases.
Some repetition.
Some people don\'t read at all. (
Because I opened all the books, the binder was wrinkled.
My mother-in-law can read a book and you will never notice it because she barely opens it!
I was always surprised.
My next project is the basement which will be very big.
I have so many awards, primary school art, transcripts (
Yes, I have all their transcripts! )
A lot of boxes.
Do you know?
After reading the article, I realized that they would not want any of them.
I think I will keep everything important.
Maybe even some special art.
I have a Emily who did it in grade 2nd above my computer.
I plan to eventually put all those growing photos into the album.
It may be necessary to reconsider.
This is the article.
Worth reading.
It can save me and you a lot.
Worth your time to read: when I was writing this, I thought of all the fancy \"special\" China I got from Nana, which sits on the top shelf, in the 29 years I have lived here
I bet someone will take advantage of this.
Even my own wedding china was with a man I divorced decades ago. (
Maybe my girls will want it? )Probably not.
They will get their own.
We can all have lots of open space at home! !
I sent this article to my daughters, which I got from the 27-year-old.
\"I very much agree with the article.
Especially seeing how we move, all we want is
Dispose of the old things.
Even if I had all the old football medals, they would sit in a box in the attic, or where they didn\'t show.
It makes a lot of sense to me.
\"We need to listen to them and not let our feelings hurt at the same time.
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