the essence of a better relationship

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-08
If I learn anything in my own life and the life of the people I have helped, we are all here to build a better relationship with the people around us, because each of us is experiencing our own joy, sadness, and overall discovery.
It is in the process of trying to share these experiences with each other that we learn and grow and want to minimize our experience of ultimate loneliness.
We try to communicate our experiences through everything, including our gestures, our eyes, our music and our words.
It is also with these forms of communication that we often find ourselves trapped or detour because we cannot fully capture the essence of our experience.
Just as a cup of hot coffee begins to give off heat and fragrance right away, we will also continue to give off our essence.
It is this constant balance of acquiring, sharing and losing this pure essence in our relationship that we strive to maintain.
This process of capturing, sharing, and releasing the essence seems to cover most of our lives and is the focus of our attempts to build a better relationship with those around us.
Because in the process of losing the essence, I believe that we will become confused, lost and afraid.
It is this power of fear that weakens our overall essential balance in the relationship and inspires us to focus only on preventing its loss.
Here we can all be connected when we experience despair, anger, fear, despair, embarrassment and shame.
When this delicate flow and balance of the essence moves in and out of our relationship, disrupting it leads to defense, selfishness, greed, and the need for power and control.
As our fear of loss increases, it is easy to intensify, and it is likely that we will lead to a better relationship with our loved ones.
However, the basic concept of essential flow is not new. it is a double concept.
It is a double-edged sword in our relationship, on the one hand what we seek, and on the other hand what we fear.
What we welcome is the influx and acceptance of what the universe has brought us.
The arrival of joy, abundance, prosperity and peace has created an opportunity for us to re-inject our inner essence.
Whenever something new appears in our lives, we experience it.
Sunrise, a new pair of jeans, a first kiss, and the first bite of a meal that is expected are examples of how we can feel this surge in nature in our lives.
Together we celebrate the birth, anniversary, and all of our first, especially in relationships with our loved ones.
We respect those who can be number one and symbolically reward those who can get the closest to the pure essence.
By awarding gold medals, rewards, and public recognition to those who can get the pure essence, we seem to let each other know the multiple ways and the most effective way to experience the essence.
During a trip to Spain, my wife and I celebrated marriage for ten years and I observed the concept in action.
Since my wife and I have never been to Spain, we are excited to share our travel plans with people in our lives.
Whether or not people who have heard about our travel plans have been to Spain in person, their response is always the same, filled with joy, excitement, blessings and curiosity.
Those who have never been to Spain before want to share our excitement and experience and also the nature of our trip.
Those who have been to Spain before will provide advice on where to go and what sites to see, and hopefully we can experience the essence like they do.
While it is not \"the first time\" for them to hear about our travel plans, they remember the feeling of bringing this \"first time\" essence into their lives.
What we want to share with all of our relationships is this state of being, accepting the essence, and hoping that they will feel the same way as when we first went through it.
It is this state of being that when time stops being, when everything that seems important is gone, and only to reveal what is real, we truly feel alive.
This concept is important when we try to improve our relationship, because it is usually a key reason for the failure of the relationship.
In this way, understanding the essential functions of nature in our lives can help us create healthier and happier lives in all aspects of our lives and relationships.
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