Starman: Edmonton expat had key design roles on The Last Jedi and Star Trek Discovery

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Professional growth in independent movie scenes in Edmonton
Born Todd sweevski helped envision a distant galaxy where no one has ever been before.
Don\'t worry if these mixed slogans make your inner nerd twitch --
They were forced together on purpose.
Three in a very demanding
He was not only one of the directors of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but also the production designer of Star Trek quest. Early work at the core of two of the most iconic sci
Fi franchise.
He has lived in Hollywood since 1993 and will be the first to tell you that screen entertainment is an art form of complete collaboration, but he\'s proud of his personal style on the big screen and can tell you first.
The difference between TV and feature film production.
On a long phone call about his work, Cherniawsky pulled the red curtain a little --
Don\'t worry, the conversation is a spoiler-free.
Q: How does it feel to see your name appear at the end of the Star Wars movie: it\'s a bit outdatedof-Physical experience.
If anyone tells 10-year-
Old Todd, you\'re going to look at one of them, and it\'s going to be a very incredible proposal.
There was an hour when I first got an interview call, \"you don\'t even have to pay me, and I\'ll do it for free.
Q: How reality affects inA: you help shepherds become daunting at the next level of this classic.
There are sleepless nights, but the workload is over and you start bringing in other amazing art directors and you have an amazing team before you know it.
Never a relaxing day
But it became a joy.
Q: How early did you take part in Vedic: I think I\'m the seventh or eight people hired on the show, maybe one of the top 20 people reading the script.
We have two people. Christopher Lowe is American. K.
Finally, I became the art director for more time.
I started with Rick Heinrichs, a designer in Los Angeles. A.
So we have a small office in Burbank with seven or eight illustrators trying to try every concept from February to early May 2015.
Rick and I will draw some sketches to the illustrator, but I will spend two-
My thirties of the day are trying to figure out how to build all of this, but more of a chess puzzle, how do we complete the 149 sets and positions in the script.
Q: Can you elaborate on this: for example, how can we build two different bridges and the giant bridges of Snookdestroyer —
How do we convert these into beautiful and clear, so that the audience knows that we are on three different bridges without spending too much money.
The first day, the second day, we shot the bridge of Hux.
Then we had two weeks to transfer it to the bridge in Canadi.
Then it took eight weeks to turn it into Snook.
So it will take up a stage for most of the seven months.
Then it goes through another 13 stages.
Just enter the crazy situation of what.
Q: What other work does your team have to do in the Jedi Temple and the Jedi mirror cave?
You may be able to reuse the scenery, but it still needs to be repainted and a dam built.
We want to give (director)
Lane Johnson, everything he wants.
This is from an artistic point of view.
This does not even take into account the availability of actors.
Q: The color in this movie, everything is soft except all the red color. A: This is probably the most stylized and dramatic.
It was a credit to Rian, but Rick did a lot of Tim Burton movies, along with Lebowski and Fargo.
Snook\'s room, we may have struggled for four months, and it looks like we\'re starting to talk about Wagner opera, a minimalist drama focused on Snook\'s throne and minions status.
There is no doubt that we are using Empire counterattack as a bar and work unapologetically on the look, feel and tone.
Q: We have seen the footage of George Lucas approving the design on the wall.
Last JediA: Rian is an independent filmmaker, what version of this is and has been used to being highly involved in every department.
In the film, he is probably the director who spends the most time in the art department.
He knew everyone\'s name, almost to the point where he knew their wife\'s name.
He is very friendly and social.
On the page, a lot of things are specific --
For example, the CD red mineral on Crait under the salty layer is on the page.
So it\'s easy.
The mine becomes more difficult when the resistance forces follow the Shard Fox, and there are many things that need to be solved.
Q: If you read The Art of the Force awakening, J. J.
Abrams\'s visual set was like a crashed Star Destroyer, and then he wrote a movie on it.
It sounds like Johnson made things clear, the theme, and so on. A: I believe.
The good thing we get is there is some reaction.
Their task must be much more arduous.
Everyone is trying to figure out if we are remaking Star Wars, is this another chapter or do we have to press the reset button and Rian has the ability to go where he wants to go.
Q: Is there anything in the movie that you can point to me? It really looks like me.
I know this needs a village . . . . . . A: I wanted to say . . . . . . But one of my favorite movie sequences was in the utility corridor, where Leia passed the blueprint to R2, the robot ran away, and the charge players came in and knocked her out.
It has always been one of my favorite sets, really just a hallway.
I worked with a lot of such buildings and signed it completely.
The order of Finn\'s escape and Ross\'s crying, once he was stunned and dragged him around, all of these plans and elevations looked almost exactly the same as I had painted.
Q: Were you obsessed with drawing TIE fighter and Chewbaccas when you were a child: as a child, I have never seen the division between Star Wars, Star Trek or Space 1999.
I\'m always attracted to sci.
Fi, I remember drawing the odyssey from 2001.
I\'m a huge fan of NASA and space shuttle.
Q: Let\'s talk about discovery now.
That\'s my first TV show.
Welcome to the Wolf Cave experience.
In hindsight, I don\'t see you having so much time, or so much money --
But in feature films, people have a better understanding of resources and more eloquence in dealing with things.
You have more time to think about the problem.
TV is one step in a hurry from all the time.
In many ways, it is found to be the hardest thing I have ever done.
Everything is a building, like the Star Wars universe.
There is no place to buy a phase or Federal table.
Q: Why would it be more difficult: Mark Worthington was a production designer when I started as director of supervised art.
He\'s a pilot. I\'m taking over.
Four months later, CBS let the show host Brian Fuller go.
Mark was let go too, so I did the first five episodes and left.
I love Toronto and love the staff here, but I \'ve been away from home for a year.
When it comes to changing jobs, there are a lot of outstanding issues that will definitely be thrown out of the car at 60 miles an hour.
Q: What I want to say is that discovery looks great.
A: There are still a lot of feedback from hardcore fans.
I \'ve been fighting for four months, do we need a triple recorder-
But I told you with tricorder.
As a communicator, Nokia mastered the flip phone before 1992.
So people say it looks a lot more advanced than the original series, but, what, will I quit CRTs? I\'m trying to be less sensitive to hardcore fans and less sensitive to friends at Jet Propulsion Labs because they\'re working on this stuff.
I was lucky enough to visit them. now is the future.
Q: So what is the main difference between franchisees: wrestling with these things is fun because Star Wars is a science fantasy --
This is a period of time.
Star Trek is a science fiction novel that uses a very different approach and is interesting.
Q: You went to high school in Ardrossen, and then what?
A year of construction technology projects laid a very solid foundation for me in building and painting.
Then U of A from the Boao Forum for Asia school of art and design, focusing on industrial design.
In those years, I had a relationship with FAVA.
Without my knowledge, no one has dedicated himself as a filmmaker, production designer or artistic director.
In the three years from 1990 to 1993, I had a real monopoly.
Anything anyone needs to do short.
Sometimes it encircles props or paintings, while some movies are built into the mini-world.
I tasted it there.
Q: My parents want me to go on to school.
The film is being produced here, and a few years ago, Anne Wheeler\'s Angel Square made an unforgivable film.
Vancouver may be a choice for Toronto.
But it\'s a bit. you\'re going to the circus.
Through their insistence, I applied to the Royal College of Art in London and the American Film Academy in Los Angeles. A.
Instead of entering RCA, I entered AFI.
On August of 93, the 50 Bell impulse was loaded and the car went down the mountain.
Q: How does Edmonton echo in your heart: growing up on the prairies and having real professional ethics.
Even working in my uncle\'s machine shop to build a blowout preventer for the oil field.
In Avatar, every aspect becomes crucial (
As artistic director). Once Jim (Cameron)
I know where I came from and I\'m in charge of the entire mining sequence.
I couldn\'t have been me without the experience of Edmonton and Alberta.
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