\"Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker\" should answer why Rey\'s parents left, not retcon who they are

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Since Disney abandoned the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer in the Star Wars Celebration, fans have been impressed by J. J. Abrams’ saga-
The closing section may review some of the surprising choices Ryan Johnson made in The Last Jedi.
One of the biggest revelations of the film is that Rey is not of the descent of Skywalker or Kenobi.
In fact, as Kylo Ren told her, Rey\'s parents were ordinary people, or \"dirty junk merchants who sold you out for drinking.
Considering Rey is the center of the new Star Wars trilogy, some fans are concerned that Abrams may return to \"Rey\'s parents are unknown\" when the new title is announced, and \"Skywalker\'s rise\" was announced at the end of the movie teaser trailer.
Abrams admits that the title is provocative, meaning that \"the rise of Skywalker\" directly refers to the small possibility that Rey finds out that she is actually a descendant of Luke.
The title of the film cannot be so easy to crack.
But when Abrams told Good Morning America this week, he once again stirred up the fear of fans, \"I will say more about [the story]
Lei\'s parents]
More than you see.
Read More IndieWire: After 20 years, George Lucas still named Jar Binks his favorite Star Wars character abram \', this sentence confirms Rey\'s, but it doesn\'t mean he\'s working with the script.
Writing with \"Argo\" screenwriter Chris trio, he will re-tell Johnson\'s decision in the final Jedi.
Abrams is a traditionalist who knows how to pull nostalgic heartstrings (
Just look at the Force Awakening)
So it\'s understandable that many Star Wars fans might think he\'ll reveal Kylo Ren\'s lies to Rey so she doesn\'t know the truth that she\'s a Skywalker
The more interesting question, however, is not who Lei\'s parents are (
This should be answered in The Last Jedi.
But why did they abandon their daughter in the first place?
/Film editor Peter sciretta recently noticed something in the Skywalker\'s rise trailer, which could be an important indicator of what Abrams has prepared for the film.
One shot in the trailer is a blue spaceship flying to a city.
Planet of colored rocks.
The ship looks almost the same as Rey\'s parents, and was seen flying away during Lei\'s \"Force flashback\" trip in \"Force awakening.
\"Read more IndieWire: Star Wars Celebration 2019 flipped the script of toxic fandomin in that scene, and Rey touched Luke\'s lightsaber for the first time, experience the vision of her past and moments from the original and present Star Wars trilogy.
A short photo shows the same boat flying into the sky from the \"Skywalker\'s rise\" trailer, why Rey is watching from below.
Despite the implication, the scene did not confirm that Lei\'s parents were on board.
Considering that the ship appeared in the trailer of the \"Skywalker\", Abrams said that Rey\'s parents were part of the story, and that the film seemed subtly focused on why Rey\'s parents left, and where they go back to explore who they are.
It remains to be seen whether Lei\'s parents are still alive.
By answering why Lei\'s parents left, the rise of Skywalker has the opportunity to end the legend of Skywalker with a powerful theme.
Much of this new trilogy focuses on the rise of people to be heroes every day, whether it\'s Finn, Poe or Ross Tiko.
As long as her parents still have no body, Rey is integrated into the group.
Also, disclosed in Skywalker\'s rise that although she is a \"dirty junk merchant\", her parents leave for resistance or other heroic missions, which will only make this
Some fans believe Skywalker will become a new word describing power.
Users, but this may also be a new term for the entire resistance movement, a group of ordinary people who risk everything to become the heroes needed for the Galaxy.
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Abrams highlighted the split New Star Wars title in The Last Jedi: \"I know it\'s provocative,\" Kylo Ren told Rey, \"Let the past
Star Wars fans can only hope that Abrams and trio will use this advice as a mantra when writing the rise of Skywalker.
Abrams said that if Lei\'s parents\' problems do play the role of \"The rise of Skywalker\" and then, to explore why they left Lei, to revisit the past, for the fans and Lei himself, this is the most meaningful way forward.
On December 20, Disney released \"Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker\" in the national cinema.
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