\'Star Wars\' Saga: Personal it is not. Strictly business, it is

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-02
When Disney has to answer shareholder questions in front of fans, money will always be more important than news that Lucas Pictures announced bankruptcy last week, and fans burst out in cheers.
There is no official confirmation from the parent company Disney, but there can be no smoke without fire.
A lot of people are thinking about this news, you are really one of them, if you really need to give us a background story of the Jedi on the big screen, there is enough material in the novel, The Animated Series and the current movie universe, there are already 11 films that are strong and happy with Alec Guinness\'s character, Ivan McGregor barely broke.
So why is it very simple for manufacturers to try to get Kevin Figg to answer Skywalker\'s questions. Money.
In 1975, George Lucas sold Fox\'s distribution rights for $12 million.
It paved the way for Lucas pictures to build the Empire, and with the help of merchandising and the upcoming theme park, the Empire now has its own ecosystem.
In 2016, the franchise was only responsible for creating $0. 76 billion in toy sales thanks to the new series launched after ofand was released.
At their D23 Expo, the parent company Disney gave fans a look when it announced a theme resort.
According to a report by Fortune magazine, the latest video game came from Lucas\'s creative film factory with an estimated revenue of $0. 66 billion.
These revenues change the way electronic art sells games to consumers.
Now, it is estimated that the company will receive $0. 2 billion from this additional income.
They will provide the players with ons.
EA\'s earnings are expected to reach $5 in 2018.
18 billion front line II played an important role in it.
From BO\'s point of view, the recently released shares in the world over $2 billion and $1 billion respectively.
According to Forbes, $1 is being tracked.
3 billion months before December.
Also, with westster becoming one of the gems on the crown of Marvel roster and big league baseball, westster is also under development.
Disney CEO Bob Iger bought Lucas Pictures for $4.
2012 6 billion.
According to Forbes, the Star Wars series is now valued at $10 billion.
Even the worst movie by fan standards, the prequel trilogy earned more than $1 billion.
So, does Lucas film president Catherine Kennedy have to order a re-shoot so that it can be closer to the theme established by all the content that already exists, is this really important to the Lord who successfully restored the Lego animated film (
This also opens up a new \"universe\" for all Lego films \")
I have to have a clear plan, a plan that is hard to get out of Lucas Pictures, which is notorious for being a super mysterious company, driven by market demand, not driven by how creative teams want to achieve their dreams.
Remake, recasting, CGI recasting are all part of a plan to keep the aforementioned ecosystem thriving.
So don\'t be surprised if one day we will be treated --
It is based on the life of the Cantina Band.
The life of the Cantina Band.
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