Star Wars keychain, a GoT bandana, anyone?

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-02
Starting with children, the target market for licensed goods now includes adultsyear-
Shraddha Sharma, an old software engineer, is a film enthusiast.
More of a Hollywood fan, never miss the latest version.
She also likes to buy movie-inspired products, and her recent series includes the Star Wars backpack, The Last Jedi Cup, the Game of Thrones t-
Shirt, phone case and tea cup mat.
She also has a red satchel inspired by beauty and the Beast.
She often uses these products, often goes to work with satchel on her back, and uses mugs and coasters on her desk.
Like Sharma, some professionals are wholeheartedly accepting goods inspired by movies, sports and celebrities.
So far, the market for licensed goods is mainly for children, a market that is rapidly encircling young people and adults who are passionate about sports and movies and are eager to shop.
\"Widespread adaptation of popular culture, easy access to global trends and content across genres, high level of brand awareness and an increase in average disposable income are the main factors (
Licensed goods)
The industry has shifted its focus from children to teenagers and adults, \"said Gege George, founder and CEO of dreamtheater brand management and licensing.
The authorized market is estimated to be worth $1.
3 billion in India, and 10-12% every year.
Among them, the adult commodity market is about 45%.
India is also considered one of the three major developing markets for licensed goods, and over the next five years India will grow exponentially with other emerging markets such as Brazil and China.
\"Fashion has a lot of influence throughout the Indian authorized market, including $0. 731 billion, followed by $0. 401 billion in entertainment,\" said George . \".
India\'s retail market is expected to exceed $1.
1 trillion to 2020 (Press Assocham)
Inspired by entertainment and sports, this will directly affect the demand for goods.
According to brand consultant Harish Bijoor, having a range of items related to entertainment, sports or movies is considered a way of life.
\"A whole generation has grown up on brands like Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast.
Nowadays, these adults are attracted to the commodities inspired by these iconic films.
\"Buying goods will boost their mood and position in social circles,\" Bijoor said . \".
Dilip Kapur, president of Hidesign, said: \"the Disney series is aimed at adults who have memories of Disney and those who still love fantasy . \" It introduces a special collection inspired by the movie Beauty And The Beast;
It includes premium leather bags, wallets, stylish handbags and satchels, all of which are movie characters that blend with Hidesign\'s leather.
Experts said earlier that the authorization in India was mainly due to animation, so stores were mainly concentrated in schools --
Toys, children\'s clothing, school bags and other knick-knacks.
\"Role content no longer focuses on children.
Movies like Batman, Superman, Hulk, or Spider-Man are no longer just for children, but for family audiences.
Even animated films have a broader appeal.
So, a kid who grew up watching Pokemon in early 2000 is playing Pokemon GO today, and he\'s on the property and a series of Pokemon t-
Shirts are available.
Similarly, the design of the children\'s property so far like Mickey and Minnie (mouse)
Art programs have now been produced for aspiring business adults, \"said George.
Brands see goods as a notable channel to reach new consumers, thereby expanding their target customer base.
Kapur said the Disney series helped them go beyond the existing world of Hidesign, \"inspired by careers and travel to the bigger Disney World.
It\'s not surprising that this is a huge success in sales.
This is beyond the general new collection.
It makes it clear that as long as creative collaboration meets the brand value of both collaborators, it is possible to expand the customer base through licensing.
Sports licensing is also driving growth in India\'s adult goods market, experts say.
\"We have seen Real Madrid and FIFA 2018 (
In adult space)
Clothing, gifts, sporting goods, bags and other categories.
The adult commodity market is maturing in India . \"
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