Soldier who survived being shot in neck forced to sell bravery medal so he can afford to buy house

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Lance Corporal Simon Moloney, an Army sniper, struck his throat in a firefight in Afghanistan on 2013, confident he was about to die.
He said it took him 10 minutes to prepare for death until a doctor stopped bleeding and stabbed him.
A few minutes later, he got back on his feet, fought the Taliban at a high temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, suppressed enemy snipers, and helped save his colleagues.
A surgeon who later operated on Simon told him that the bullet had missed his vital arteries and airways, with a chance of trillions. to-one.
Simon, 27, left the armed forces on last December after 10 years in service.
He said that he had made a \"logical\" decision to sell the high-profile brave cross he had acquired for his actions, giving him a better future, including landing on the property ladder.
Simon lives in St Albans in Herts, one of the worst places for first-time home buyers in the UK except London, with an average house price of £ 390,000.
He said: \"I am very proud of my medals and what they represent.
It is a big decision to sell them, but it is also a logical decision.
\"If life changes because of my position, I want to raise money by selling medals, purely to give me and my future family a better life.
\"I will climb the property ladder with it 100%.
\"I\'m renting now and I want to buy a house somewhere to keep it growing until I need it.
\"The high-profile brave cross is the second highest award for bravery in battle, with only the Victoria Cross ranking higher.
He is one of the 59 CGCs obtained since the renovation in 1993.
It will be sold with his combat service medal by London auctioneer Dix Nunan Weber, who has given Afghanistan a pre-deduction
Sales are estimated to be between £ 80,000 and £ 100,000.
On his second visit to Afghanistan in Helmand province in July 1993, Simon served in the Blues and royal forces as part of the family cavalry.
He was part of a 12-member soldier who flew into a Taliban stronghold to find insurgents.
Snipers and Gunners put themselves on the roof of a building to provide watches and cover.
But the enemy\'s sharpshooter picked him out and shot him off his neck.
The bullet entered the left side of the neck and missed the trachea and the common artery of the neck, shooting from the right side. The near-
The deadly blow knocked Simon off the sloping roof.
He slammed 8 feet into the ground, but luckily a goat broke.
Dr. Wesley Masters risked his life and sprinted in the 400-meter fire to provide first aid.
A grenade is only 12 feet away from them.
Later, he was awarded the Military Cross for bravery.
Simon said: \"Looking back, it was one of the best days of my life, but in 5 to 10 minutes I was pretty sure I would die.
\"I felt as if I had been punched and had blood on my neck. .
The adrenaline is working so I have no pain.
I was annoyed that I was shot because I knew who shot me.
\"I really think death is dangerous and I have accepted that if I am going I will not go out crying and I will go out with respect.
This is the longest 10 minutes of my life.
But the doctor said I would be fine and I was absolutely confident in him.
\"I should have died by now, but I\'m in a situation now because of the other people who were there that day.
The people around me are very good.
\"I was a little bleeding but after about five minutes of treatment I got back up and got back up.
\"The surgeon later told me that he could not make the same incision with a scalpel as the bullet that hit me without killing me.
Pierce Nunan, managing director of Dix Nunan Weber, said: \"Simon Moloney is a typical British hero, he calmly talked about his modest detachment in Afghanistan with death that filled me with admiration.
\"The story of how he continues to fight for an hour and a half after being treated, the wound is less than a few millimeters away from killing him, which is really inspiring.
The auction is scheduled to take place in London on May 9.
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