Skellig Michael stars again in new Star Wars teaser

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-01
Skellig Michael is ready for its close relationship.
In the new teaser, \"crazy Atlantic Road\" once again brings the \"waw\" factor to the eager --
The long-awaited blockbuster
In 2015, young hero Rey, played by Daisy Ridley, tracked Mark Hamir\'s Luke Skywalker in a thrilling scene.
Following JJ Abrams, global interest in UNESCO\'s World Heritage Site has soared --
The director\'s film, and will do so again when it arrives at the cinema in December.
Before the film was released, a new person behind the scenesthe-
On the weekend, the scene trailer premiered at the Disney D23 Expo Fan Club event in Anaheim, California, showing \"Rian wrote an unexpected but correct story,\" Skellig Michael reglar
\"Something happens and people say, \'Oh my God. . . \'\"Her co-
Then saw the star Hamill on Skellig Michael, who told fans: \"Even though I think I know about it all, they threw things at me in a storyline I never imagined.
\"In the near-three-minute teaser, the action returned to Ireland, and countless shots stirred up the appetite of fans --
Tourist surge
Before the movie was released.
In a short timeout cliff-
Director Johnson said of his film: \"I hope it will be a bit shocking, but I hope it will feel real and honest.
And a blink of an eye. and-you\'ll-miss-
He is a cameo from Gleason Domhnall.
The end of the teaser quotes a poignant quote from Carly Fisher while filming the last movie.
\"It\'s about the family,\" she said . \"
\"That\'s why it\'s so powerful.
It was released in the cinema on December 15.
Legend Hamir revealed in May that when he first discovered that he had to go back to Skellig Michael to shoot the scene, his power was not strong.
In a special interview
Time and 40 years of release-
Hamir said that Michael\'s return to the physical challenge is very difficult.
Hamir confesses to David Kemp that he wants to know if he can get to Skellig Michael set by the helicopter, instead of climbing the iconic stone steps by boat --an idea the 65-year-
Old is now considered \"so ignorant \".
\"Because there is no landing pad, it will be a beautiful view of March,\" he explained . \".
On the first visit to Skellig Michael for, the crew got 45 minutes to get to where Rey and Luke met, but Hamill got 90 minutes.
\"I had to stop every 10, 15 minutes to take a break,\" he recalls . \". Hamill\'s co-
Star Ridley added that she was wearing
In the scene of Skellig Michael, you will find that it is not just good performances and make-upup.
\"I just vomited,\" she recalled . \"
\"I ran out of adrenaline and I was very, very sick.
Director Johnson told reporters that he and his staff were filming the hive on the Dingle Peninsula.
The monks lived in the shape of skelig\'s hut and created a small Jedi village from them \".
While the director knows little about Skywalker\'s neighbors in the village, he does reassure fans that they are \"not Ewoks \". ot Ewoks\".
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