Shopping online can be great, especially when you can rely on the website you\'re buying from, but some websites aren\'t as reliable

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-07
Shopping online is very convenient, especially when you know that you can rely on the website you are buying.
However, some websites are not as reputable as others, and when problems arise, such as not receiving your order, you may not be sure what your rights are.
Know what your rights are when you shop online from businesses outside the EU . . . . . . You don\'t have the same protection if you buy from a website outside the EU, so make sure you know the website is located.
Just because the website has. ie or . co.
The UK domain name does not always mean that it is an EU website.
View the retailer\'s geographic address on the website.
If you purchase a website from within the EU, the seller must give you specific information before you complete your online purchase.
This information includes: price, any taxes and fees, any delivery cost;
What to do if you change your mind and change the details of how to cancel your order.
If you are purchasing from a business outside the EU, please make sure you read and understand the return policy of the website in advance.
If you buy something online but it is defective, just like you bought it in the store.
You should contact the retailer immediately by phone or email and ask for a refund or replacement.
If a refund has been agreed, the seller must refund your money within 14 days of receiving your returned item and they should pay any return shipping charges.
If you change your mind about what you buy online, you usually have the right to cancel your order and get a refund at any time within 14 days of the delivery of your order.
You do not have to give any reason for the reason you canceled.
Then you have 14 days left to send it back.
But you may have to pay for it.
If the item you bought is customized for you, you have no right to cancel it.
For example, a cup with the specific design you are asking.
If you change your mind about the service you registered online, you have 14 days after the contract starts to be canceled.
The business must then refund you within 14 days.
However, it is also important to note that some services are not included, such as hotel reservations and travel tickets.
If you have purchased the item online on the website within the EU, unless you have agreed otherwise with the seller, it should be delivered within 30 days.
You are entitled to a refund if your goods are not delivered.
If you have an earlier date agreed with the seller and the goods are not delivered on time, you can ask the seller to deliver the goods on a later date, which is convenient for you.
If the item is not delivered within the agreed time period, you have the right to cancel the contract and seek a refund (
Even if the term is within 30 days).
If you buy things directly or through the site from another consumer\'s seller, you have no consumer rights.
This is because you are not buying from a business.
When you buy from another consumer on the online auction site (
A website where you can buy and sell goods from other consumers)
You have no right to cancel your order.
Auction sites are generally not responsible for the quality of the items sold or the accuracy of the items, so check the terms and conditions before bidding.
Many websites are from
Standardize and rate the user using the star system in order to check the comments on the user\'s profile.
Before you buy, be sure to make sure that the person you buy is in good standing.
The website where you can buy and sell goods is a popular place for cheats to cheat people.
To help you stay secure when you buy online, always use a secure payment method such as a credit card or Paypal.
Don\'t find gold, don\'t use it.
Cabling service because you will not have recourse if something goes wrong.
Also, be careful when purchasing items through social media sites.
ADS may look legitimate and cause websites that look like they are real, but they may not, which puts you at risk of being cheated.
Always conduct research on the spot;
Its policy, looking for reviews from other customers and being aware of the risks of doing business on sites you haven\'t used before.
If you have any concerns about the site, then don\'t use it.
For more information about your rights when purchasing online, please visit the consumer website of the Competition and Consumer Protection Board.
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