Secrets of Star Wars: Galaxy\'s Edge revealed

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NOTE: Warning!
This article contains the vandals of Star Wars: The Edge of the Galaxy. \"Punch it!
\"This is where fun starts!
\"Just garbage!
\"Pick out your favorite Star Wars series and speak out loud.
You need all of this when the Galaxy\'s Edge is on.
Disney opened the curtain for the first time on its largest theme park expansion ever, inviting reporters to interview behind the scenesthe-
Scene to see how new rides, technology, food and merchandise come together in a place where guests can create their own Star Wars stories.
\"You won\'t think you\'re in the theme park,\" said Bob chabbeck, chairman of Disneyland, experience and products . \".
\"Everything is very, very immersive.
\"The Galaxy Edge will open this summer at Disneyland, California and Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida.
The official opening date has not yet been announced.
The Galaxy Edge setting is a black pointed outpost on the planet Batuu.
In the legend of Star Wars, this is a relatively new planet. by design —
Places like snowfields Hoth or sandy Tatooine do not have a name recognition.
\"We know these places, we know the stories that happen there, we know we\'re not in those places,\" Scott Trowbridge said . \", The creative director of Walt Disney fantasy engineering is responsible for integrating the Star Wars series into the park.
\"This place, the black spires outpost, was designed from the very beginning --
Go to a place where you are invited to explore and discover.
\"Imagine Engineering story editor Margaret kerrisen says the goal is to come up with an accessible narrative that does not require guests to have encyclopedic knowledge of Star Wars.
\"I want to go into this land and, like everyone else, from real hardcore Star Wars fans, to people who don\'t know anything about Star Wars,\" kermorrison said . \".
There are two major new rides or attractions on the edge of the Galaxy.
Millennium Falcon: six crew members for smugglers
Pilots, gunmen and engineers
In the cockpit of one of the most famous pieces of rubbish in the galaxy, carry out missions for space pirate Hondo Ohnaka.
Riders can sit on the engineering station or the holographic chess table and stroll in the hands of the famous Falcon crew
3PO has warned R2-
Let the Wookies win.
\"We want to give our guests a chance to roam around and explore,\" said Asa Kalama, executive creative director of image Engineering . \".
Don\'t forget to take a lot of selfies.
The Falcon tour is essentially a scam.
Flight simulator based on video game technology responds to each cockpit control input in real time.
\"How well you actually do it depends on you,\" said Jaqueline King, a Disney fantasy engineering producer . \".
\"You won\'t cooperate if you don\'t cooperate.
\"Destroy the Falcon and your crew may owe Hondo some Galaxy points.
You may make enough money to complete the task.
The second major journey is Star Wars: The rise of resistance, described as one of the four attractions and one of the most ambitious imaginations they have ever tried.
\"It\'s too complicated,\" said Warren, a program programmer at Walt Disney\'s fantasy project in April . \".
\"I don\'t think these attractions can be built before.
We are promoting the development of technology.
\"The entrance to the ride is hidden in a remote forest area at the black spires outpost, designed to resemble the Resistance base in Force awakening. \" Rebel X-wing and A-
The wing fighter stopped outside.
Guests will find themselves on a Resistance ship captured by a class 1 destroyer.
The set here is very large and very detailed and guests may want to stop and stare at all the cool things instead of trying to escape Kylo Ren.
Along the way, Daisy Ridley, John Boyer, and Oscar Isaac were both in their respective film roles, such as Rey, Finn, and Poe.
\"This is one of the most epic attractions we have built in terms of scale, scale and complexity,\" Trowbridge said . \".
He won\'t say how long the resistance will last, but will say an Internet rumor claiming 28-
The running time of the minute is wrong.
The \"actors\" who will play the black spires begin training to learn about their background stories.
\"We want them to be able to play like they used to,\" kermorrison said . \".
\"A lot of them are fans of Star Wars and they are very excited and they are making up some of the things we have to say --hold on, wait—
You can\'t be Han\'s second cousin.
This is not a thing.
Everything in Star Wars: the edge of the galaxy means everything from Cantina in Oga to Dok-
There are many antiques, food and market shops here.
Yes, there will be blue milk.
See more articles on food, merchandise and Easter eggs.
Oga\'s will feature niches where guests can drink cosmic cocktails like a vague tauntauntaun while listening to familiar new tunes --
A robot DJ named Rex.
Fans on their first star tour at Disneyland in 1987 will recognize Rex as the original 3000 star flight pilot.
For any fans who follow Star Tours, the side note: According to Disney, the journey will not disappear.
\"We have no plans to do anything about Star Tours,\" said Frank reffsnyder, spokesman for Walt Disney\'s fantasy project . \".
\"The tour will continue to open.
\"The interactivity of the Galaxy Edge has also been built --
The Disneyland app is designed to attract visitors to learn more about the story.
Login will allow guests to take on \"work\" for resistance or first order \".
For example, the task of the party you choose may include hacking robots and ships to download the secret schematic.
The app will also translate the words written in the Aurebesh alphabet in Star Wars for easy decoding of special information and Easter eggs.
\"We launched this game to turn the waiting time into the game time,\" said Kelsey McCullough of Disneyland . \".
If history is a guide, the waiting time will definitely be long.
Disney said it was very clear that too many people crowded into the Galaxy Edge could disrupt the Star Wars experience, but had not yet said that there was any idea on the table to keep the crowd under control.
\"We want people to have fun.
We want people to be comfortable.
\"We don\'t want people to put up with this experience,\" Trowbridge said . \".
\"We are trying to find ways to suit all of these people.
Hopefully it won\'t reach the point where it\'s not fun.
\"In the end, Disney and Lucasfilm partners hope that they have built enough scale and detail to please the dangerous, mysterious and romantic Star Wars of the toughest Galaxy customers.
\"I\'m lucky to be in Star Wars,\" says Pablo Hidalgo, creative director at Lucas Film Story Group.
\"But it pales in comparison to what it is.
Because when you are on the TV, you will see plywood, lights and people who eat donuts.
But when you\'re here, it doesn\'t take much effort to completely lose yourself in Star Wars.
Walt Disney Inc.
It is the parent company of Lucasfilm/Star Wars and ABC News.
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