Save the elephants

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-27
Re: \"supply and demand\", it\'s your turn, May 11: how can the constant destruction of one of the most majestic animals on Earth be linked to the repayment of the foreign aid we provide to Kenya? You can\'t simply put foreign aid to a country in a basket.
The author of the letter should do some research on this issue and try to come to an objective conclusion.
Elephants are being poached at an alarming rate, and it is reasonably estimated that 100,000 African elephants were slaughtered from 2011 to 2013.
The solution pioneered by Kenya\'s wildlife authorities decades ago was to start burning contraband to curb this terrible problem.
Like most others, it\'s an imperfect solution, but it\'s definitely better than selling them to the American public as compensation.
For comparison, I would suggest the option of how a dentist would like it if he forcibly pulled out any gold-containing teeth, people, including those who wrote letters, and then sold them on the open market, to help fund rangers protect national parks where most elephant poaching is slaughtered.
Because they make very little money at work, they don\'t spend too much money.
On my trip to Africa, the first time I saw elephants in the wild was the moment I would never forget, and every time I went, I was in awe of their magnificence.
Elephants live in a big family with great wisdom.
If you only spend 30 minutes doing a little research, you will get the information to change your point of view.
Once these animals are wiped out by greed, it will soon become meaningless to invoke the law of supply and demand.
Of course, in the case of ivory, the law of supply and demand is not relevant.
This is not a simple question, and ignorance and advice on exchanging ivory for debt can make the problem disappear.
We should understand the complexity of these problems.
There is still hope for those who really care about these great animals.
By the way, lucky free!
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