Room service waiter dishes out hospitality

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In an article in Harvard Business Review, senior editor Paul Hemp spent a week working in the room --
Staff at the Ritz BostonCarlton hotel.
The story of his cheese burger and salad for the guest room-but forgot to open the beer bottle-is a humble story about customers who will never be wrong.
Hemp found that the seemingly humble job of room service is to take risks in disaster and success: make sure the Tablecloth Has No wrinkles;
The ice cream was delivered before melting;
The stray car was removed.
Before he entered the room, one of his coaches warned him, \"you never know what you went.
\"This is a role that Antonio Noy knows very well. The room-
The service attendant at Royal Sonesta Cambridge is an experienced hotel attendant who is very proud of his work.
The 43-year-old immigrant from Guatemala remembers days in his country where there was little drinking water and no electricity, so he thanked him for his job and the opportunity to earn a decent salary.
\"It bothers me when I see employees cutting corners,\" said Noj, who has been trained to maintain hotel standards, whether it\'s water spots on polished silver, or make sure that all condiments are included on the tray.
The Sonesta hotel has two towers, one a little farther from the kitchen than the other, and Noj estimates that he travels four to five miles a day on his slideproof shoes.
Today, when a flight from Saudi Arabia was unexpectedly canceled and many passengers were placed in the hotel, he was particularly tired.
A waiter was sick so Noj sent 30 breakfasts by himself, shuffling back and forth and picking up the tray.
\"You have to work hard to predict whatever the guest needs.
It includes ketchup, Tabasco sauce, cream for coffee or wine opener.
You have a chance to take it out and show the food.
You don\'t have to bother the guests anymore.
\"For food and beverage workers like Noj, turnover is usually high, which makes a lot of job opportunities.
Many jobs in the restaurant are part-time.
The demand for education is low, attracting many young people to this field, especially in fast food restaurants.
In 2008, 21% of these workers were between the ages of 16 and 19, about six times the proportion of all workers.
As a warm and hospitable veteran, Noj has been working for 12 years and has found time suitable for raising two little boys.
Q: I think this job must be harder than it seems at first.
Yes, you need to be energetic, quick and patient with your feet and hands.
Sometimes you have to do a lot of things at the same time, so you can\'t lose your attention or be overwhelmed even with a lot of phone orders coming in.
Q: How much can tip make?
A: I offer breakfast, so the tips for the morning range from $80 to $120.
Q: What is the secret of being an excellent room attendant?
I want it to be a dining experience.
You\'re not delivering pizza.
I propose to open any bottle and pull the chair out so that guests can sit down and make sure everything they order is there and basically make sure the guests are comfortable and happy with the meal.
Q: What is the most unusual experience you have ever experienced?
A: Once A guest opened the door and he was naked.
My guests were all dressed in bathrobes, towels, and even underwear, but no one ever wore clothes.
I politely asked him if he would get dressed, get out of the room and start over. n.
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