polish athlete puts olympic medal up for sale to help boy with cancer

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-16
The athlete said Friday that Polish discus athlete Piotr malachoski has sold his silver medal at the Rio Olympics to help raise money for a boy with rare cancer.
\"In Rio, I fight for gold,\" malachinowski said in his Facebook profile . \".
\"Today I call on everyone.
Let\'s fight together for something more valuable.
For the health of this amazing boy
Defending world champion marachinovsky says all the money raised by the auction will be used to treat threeyear-
Polish boy Olek Szymanski, who has been suffering from retinal cancer for nearly two years, is an eye cancer that affects young children.
\"In Poland, it is impossible to save ollake\'s eyes.
\"The only opportunity is to have treatment in New York,\" malachoski said . \".
A Polish foundation called Siepomaga has gathered the third of about 480,000 zlotys ($126,000)
It is said that funding is needed at the clinic of New York Eye oncologist David Abramson for the boy\'s treatment.
The highest bid auction of major mavakhoski\'s silver on Poland\'s Allegro website is about $6,000 1610 Beijing time on Friday.
The auction ended on August. 26.
\"I invite all to bid.
\"If you help me, my silver medal may be more valuable to Olek than the gold medal,\" malachoski said . \".
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