NukAlert Keychain Radiation Detector

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-12
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NukAlert keychain is a personal safety utility that can alert you to the level of hazardous radiation in a nearby area.
If radiation levels are detected, this personal dose meter will start calling loudly to alert you to the danger.
This is especially convenient for those who work to bring them to dangerous environments that are likely to be exposed to radiation, such as soldiers, inspectors and emergency personnel.
Since the Japanese nuclear reactor disaster has raised concerns about the level of environmental radiation and the drift of radiation clouds, global interest in personal radiation detectors has surged, which may affect the beginning and end of people\'s events inside and outside the direct region.
Often, people looking for personal protection solutions will be content to choose something like NukAlert that has been cut off, unlike the high quality standards required by professional and scientific level radiation detectors.
However, if you just want to ensure your inner peace by making sure you know if you are entering an area flooded with radiation, you can rely on the NukAlert keychain to warn you in advance, give you enough time to be safe.
The intensity of the alarm is calculated based on the radiation intensity of the area near you.
So if you start to encounter a small amount of radiation, the keychain will start to make a steady click, and the intensity of the Click will increase as the level of radiation increases.
NukAlert is able to give an alarm of 61 decibels, which is easy to hear even in most workplaces that do not include heavy machinery.
This makes it a reliable choice for radiation monitoring equipment for first aid personnel such as police and medical staff.
In addition to these key personal dose meter functions, NukAlert is a very sturdy small device that, after testing, can still work after dropping 6 feet in the liquid or dipping 6 feet deep
While it\'s not for accurate scientific readings or professional data
NukAlert keychain is ideal for level monitoring, suitable for those who want to make sure they are not exposed to radiation, or at least have some notice about dangerous areas, so that they can leave before the radiation level of the body reaches a dangerous level.
NukAlert is currently retail for $170 and there is a dose chart on the back that shows you how much of the click and exposure relates to the radiation dose.
While the NukAlert personal radiation detector will not exempt you from exposure, it will certainly give you early warning and prevent situations that you may be exposed for a long time because you are not aware of hazardous levels of environmental radiation around you.
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