\'Nuclear noodle ramen\' and imported snacks for sale at new S.A. game and collectibles shop

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-21
Board games, collectibles and. . .
According to Bianca Rodriguez, Dragon import and collection manager, ramenThat is a new store near the northwest side and it is very soon open.
\"We are looking for what we want in a store,\" said Rod rigz . \".
\"It\'s something we love, there\'s no place to find imported food, drinks and other stuff, and there\'s not a lot of toys, collectibles, luxury and key chains.
\"The store also has a seating area to design tables specifically for board games.
She and her boyfriend Ellen Hooper want the store to be a hangout destination and also a collectible store, according to Rod Ritz.
Located at the top of 2831, the Dragon import boutique opened at the end of last month.
: Ramune is available at the store (
Japanese drinks)
In addition to imported food, there are sweet Japanese bread and ramen noodles.
That\'s a bigger choice than a typical game store, says Mr. rodgetz.
The ramen they offer includes Sanyang spicy chicken ramen, which is often used in the spicy noodle challenge.
According to Rhodes, it\'s hard to find in San Antonio. \"We tried it.
This is crazy, \"said Rod Ritz.
\"When you look it up online, most people put it under the nuclear noodle challenge.
Rod rigz and Hooper begin to attend the Crossroads convention like the monstercon.
As a business, they will continue to participate in these activities from Sci-
The film festival this weekend, Mr. rodeitz said.
Next weekend, the company will celebrate its grand opening by offering a lottery ticket for every $20.
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