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by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-10
BAREILLY: in order to end the increasing number of violent cases in the university dormitory, the invigilation Committee of San Xiong Jyotiba Phule (MJP)
The University of Rohilkhand decided to award medals to students who show good behaviour skills and follow the rules and regulations.
This step is being taken to motivate students who frequently violate dormitory rules and are punished.
This is the first time the university authorities have issued a disciplined hostel student.
The university\'s invigilation committee decided that students in the hostel for men and women will receive bronze, silver and gold medals due to the strict discipline throughout the year.
Be on time, disciplined, study record and attend extra-curricular activities
Notifications and dormitory activities will be some of the factors that judge students.
\"This move will encourage students to perform well and to follow the rules of the university,\" said chief proctor B. R. Kukreti . \".
He added, \"we scold or punish students whenever they violate the rules or become addicted to violent activities.
Most students are now least affected by punishment, but the temptation of medals allows them to act in a proper way.
\"It has been decided that at the end of each school year,
Students who perform well will receive medals.
The parents of the students who won the first place will be invited to participate in the medal distribution ceremony to make the event more memorable.
The warden, invigilators and a number of other faculty members of each hostel will select students with strict discipline.
\"We\'re going to get to vice-
A few days later, the prime minister, Professor Mushahid Hussain.
VC will finally decide whether to award a guest house medal or not
\"It would be wise to have two separate categories for both boys and girls,\" Kukreti said . \".
There are 4 boys\' dormitories and 2 girls\' dormitories on the university campus.
More than 200 inmates live in the new boy hostel, which only hosts first-year students, while the PG boy hostel has about 60 students.
The main boys dormitory can accommodate the students in the last year, and currently there are about 115 boys living here, while nearly 250 second and third grade students live in the boys dormitory in the city.
Similarly, the number of students in the main girls hostel and the government women hostel exceeded 300 and 60 respectively.
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