Millennials are struggling at work because their parents \'gave them medals for coming last\'

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-11
Bosses around the world are struggling with their millennial employees.
They say our leadership is our own.
Right, narcissistic, lazy, hard to manage.
But according to inspirational speaker and writer Simon simk, this is the result of our parents\' \"failed parenting strategies.
\"After the amazing success of the video in the workplace, after more than 56 million of Facebook\'s loneliness, Sinek took an independent look at how to be a parent, combined with social media, the work environment and our impatience have caused a generation of low self-problems.
Respect and what we can do.
According to Sinek, 43, parents of millennials are now aware of their health
A well-intentioned parenting strategy may be contrary.
They told us that we have always been special and that we can have everything we want in our lives.
Our parents complained that we would get the last medal if we didn\'t get into the best club.
It means it\'s a shock to enter the real world, our self.
The image was crushed.
\"This is a good time for greed, when parents raise their children, encourage them to be independent and put themselves first,\" explains sinekexplins . \".
\"While it\'s really great in theory, parents are also pushing their children to get the highest grades, focusing on rankings and making money, which makes them very contradictory.
\"Sinek knows millennials are looking for a boss to ask for a promotion, but publicly says they only want a title, not a salary --rise.
The reason is that many millennials feel the need to show on Facebook and LinkedIn that they are getting promoted faster than anyone else --
Seeing a peer promotion inevitably puts pressure on your career.
Another problem is that we are taught to focus on maintaining a healthy work/life balance --
\"This information is correct, but it seems to be exaggerated and misunderstood,\" Sinek explained . \".
He thought the pendulum was swinging too far in the other direction.
While older generations may feel locked on their desks, many millennials leave work at five o\'clock P. M. every day and refuse to answer work calls or emails on weekends.
This attitude is one of the reasons why we have a reputation for rights.
Research shows that millennials are highly self-rated.
But much of this includes narcissism and external rewards: \"The report says you are the self.
Confidence and self
\"Confidence is not the same thing,\" Sinek said . \".
He believes that our self is not our own fault.
Although we have a low level of respect, we care too much about external affirmation.
\"Millennials say they want feedback at work, but what they really want is praise and are told they are doing well.
They cry or quit when you give them negative feedback.
However, it doesn\'t just depend on our parents --
Sinek believes that growing up in the social media era is the main reason why we constantly need praise and can\'t handle negative feedback.
How many of your likes and followers are new social currencies and all we care about is keeping an image online.
Sinek\'s favorite example is on Father\'s Day, where millennials post photos of their childhood with dad on Instagram, but their dad doesn\'t even use social networks.
\"Call your dad!
This is the weirdest thing for me, \"he said.
But with every notification we receive, the release of dopamine, which is why we feel good when we smoke, drink or gamble --
Very addictive.
Sinek does not believe that technology must be bad, but we need to be careful to use it too much.
However, social media has created a very impatient generation that wants everything immediately.
Also, according to Sinek, millennials won\'t stick to anything long enough, whether it\'s work or relationship.
\"If you had a new boyfriend every six months, would you really enjoy the joy of love in a relationship? ” he asks me.
Never been with anyone for so long
Fully proved his point.
I can\'t really answer.
\"You will have it in six months.
If you change your boyfriend every six months, you will not feel the deep love.
\"The same is true of work,\" he said . \".
Sinek believes that too many millennials use finding a job they like as a treasure hunt, jumping from one job to another without giving everyone enough opportunities.
But he claims the way the business environment is today
People who care more about numbers than people
It does not help us to learn happiness from working hard for a long time.
Isn\'t life too short to waste on doing a job you don\'t like?
\"Yes, but much more time than you think --24-year-
Older people believe that they can\'t waste another month\'s life if they don\'t change the world, but it takes time.
\"This obsession with influence concerns Sinek, mainly because many millennials don\'t know how they want to do it:\" I applaud millennials and everyone who wants to make an impact.
What I\'m worried about is that saying \"we want to make an impact\" is so broad and doesn\'t help.
Millennials need to know what kind of impact they want to make, and then they can find a place to work for themselves.
\"Sinek wants us to learn to build ourselves.
It takes time to be confident, find a job, be happy, and develop a relationship.
He thinks the most important thing we can do is build ourselves.
However, respect is to help each other, because too many companies do not help us.
\"If you\'re struggling with yourself
\"Confidence, find a friend who feels the same and help build each other together,\" he suggested . \".
\"If a friend has been changing jobs, then work to help them find real achievements in their work --
This does not mean encouraging them to resign when they think their job is not for them, but rather helping them see through things and find ways to learn and grow.
However, his main message is that we will be happier, healthier and more inspired by building healthy, strong relationships.
\"We are social animals and relationships are at the heart of happiness, happiness and success in life.
\"He\'s an unshakable optimistic and successful person, and whether you\'re a millennial or not, it\'s probably a suggestion to follow.
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