Medals for the \'land girls\' of the Second World War

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Woman in a hoarse uniform with a brown wool trousers, a green jumper, a shirt and tie
In milking, timber and muddy fields, the bankrupt Labor force helps ensure that Britain does not starve during World War II.
Although a grateful country later paid tribute to its combat forces, 80,000 members of the Women\'s Land Army (WLA)
Not officially recognized.
After the Queen made it clear that she supported their cause, the government reluctantly gave them a £ 150 placement allowance.
Now, about 68 years after the first women volunteered to serve on the land, the members of the WLA survivors will be officially recognized as they celebrate their efforts with commemorative badges, contributed to the war efforts.
The Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs will issue a medal and the application will be open today.
Prior to that, a campaign was launched to reward some 20,000 women who were still alive, most of whom were women in their 70 s or 80 s who worked hard on the front lines of their families.
Hilda Gibson, 83, killed two-year-old mice in WLA, Lincoln County, and then moved to Norfolk to clean up feces and feed poultry.
The badge is \"a powerful and touching gesture to thank what we do,\" she said \".
Mrs. Gibson, who joined WLA at the age of 18 and now lives in Huddersfield, added: \"They are the male jobs we are working on and they are heavy work and hard work.
I want an important job. I think it is very important.
\"This recognition has been completed in a long time to come.
I think the rest of the girls will be grateful.
This is something you have been serving the country for a while, and it is a privilege to serve the country when the country needs it.
\"WLA was founded during World War I and revived in 1939 as Britain was prepared for the war and planned the way the country could develop itself
Sufficient food production.
Many land girls talk about the friendship and intimacy they built during their service.
By 1943, 80,000 people volunteered or were called up, while another 6,000 were working in the Women\'s Timber Corps.
His job is to solve the shortage of poles and wood by cutting down trees and running saw factories.
Both groups will be eligible for a badge that will be distributed at a ceremony later this year.
Secretary of the environment Hillary Ben said: \"We finally acknowledge that the selfless efforts made by these women are absolutely correct.
This badge is the right way to honor their determination, courage and spirit.
\"People who wish to apply can call the dedicated call center at 08459 335577.
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