Marvel pulls a Thanos on Star Wars in Top 10 highest-grossing film franchises

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-05
Grow into a Star Wars fan with few friends and occasionally see how much the first three movies made between 1977 and 1983 --
Slowly climb to an unprecedented $1 billion
It\'s impossible to imagine some of the other franchises going beyond those shocking worlds. Record revenues.
What is possible? Three-Revenge of T: ET.
Go, Go, go and come back from Titanicer and Titanic-
Man, No.
But for the past 12 years, on the treadmill, and this weekend\'s Avengers: The ending, Marvel\'s movie universe (MCU)
Not just a fiasco, in fact, Luke Skywalker\'s continued adventure has doubled the global box office (
And his teenage father.
And his beard. Nephew with chest
Let\'s admit who is the next most interesting person
Gen role of Trilogy III).
Moreover, after deploying Endgame this weekend, once the numbers stabilize, Disney is likely to add another billion or so to the MCU\'s bank, which will continue to keep the Galaxy\'s profits away from Tatooine dust.
In any case, this is the same for Mickey\'s cash utopia as they have Star Wars.
Well, it\'s not your favorite list of 10, it\'s a slope --
Franchises around the world
Leading box office numbers-SPOILERS —the Thanos-
The end of the first big event
The wave of MCU movies, where, with the bloody episode of Game of Thrones, there will be as many heads rolling as possible. (
Please note that this tragedy is adjusted so that half of the universe will no longer die. )
Hope to continue after
We will talk about the MCU, including X-
Man and four amazing people but this is another conversation
Count the money today! (
The highest and most recent figures are all in dollars. )10. Jurassic Park (five films)—
$4,998,557, 380 is different from the sticky Alien legend, and unfortunately this constant warning slog seems to be inclined to lower the standard as each new chapter becomes more and more stupid.
We \'d better hear a disgusting-looking puppet chirping \"not mom! \"At this point. 9.
Speed and passion (eight films)—
$5,136,814,346 imagine writing a script for one of them: Grand Slam. VROOM VROOM. SCREEEEEEECH. VRRRRRRRR-RRRRRRRRR-RRRRRR.
\"I live my life --mile at a time. ” VRRRRRR-RRRRRRRR. SCREEECH.
\"Did I win because winning is winning and the only way to win is to win. ”8.
DC Extended Universe (seven films)—
$5,238,802,396 this incredible dollar achievement is almost the sad comedy expression BDSM fans want because of the oppressive brothershard-done-
The average atmosphere of these films is simply shocking (
Yes, including the villain of Wonder Woman and Act 3).
But the clown\'s fingers crossed.
Take my money, please! 7. X-Men (11 films)—
In a good way, this series is a little more than $5,886,273,810 more than the MCU, although why is the second wave X-
This series includes Wolverine and dead water pool, there will be Dark Phoenix and New Mutant later this year, so they should easily pick up the axe and go . . . . . . 6.
Peter Jackson\'s Lord of the Ringssix films)—
To be honest, $5,886,273,810, I didn\'t expect to be such an angry child when writing this, but how could the same person be behind three classic movies, in the next three bad CGI, the quality is down.
I mean, this is unprecedented!
What is the legendary science fiction?
You\'re talking about director George. Spider-Man (eight films)—
$6,080,173,602 I skipped Andrew Garfield\'s installment because he was spider in the trailer-
Broke the crotch of some scammers, but when I got home, I entered the spider-
Poetry is great, Michael Keaton\'s Vulture is rational and intelligent, not the psychics and boring villains of the Toby Maguire era.
Miles Morales 4evR! 4. James Bond (26 films)—
$7,077,929,291 Empire colony As sex discrimination, Sir
Bond seems to be the least equipped for our modern internet.
Although I do like it when John Chris is Q.
Feeling a little weak when they try to push the Arc story to the last few, the \"Scotch whisky waste\" scene at Skyfall is f-ing heinous.
But, you know, cars are cool: VROOM! 3.
World of magic (10 films)—
The weakness of these goods is $9,194,451,317. even the not-very-
Good magical beast prequel, Johnny Depp plays his wizard, David Bowie, of Hitler\'s albinism.
Prisoner of Azkaban, directed by Alfonso Karon, is probably the most real movie, though I like it best --
Daniel Radcliffe used to play with him, waving extra stuff on his preserved condom. 2. Star Wars (10 films)—
$9,307,186, 202A only
Although we should not forget that it is still the most successful commercial franchise in history, with an estimated value of about $65 billion last year.
The highest-
In the past 20 years, anyone with a child will immediately guess this: Pokémon, worth $90 billion.
As the saying goes, we must cash them all! 1.
Marvel Movie Universe (21 films)—
$18,619,917,114 look, I love Star Wars forever, but the reason for the MCU is (ugh)
In general, the better: curating Kevin Figg\'s continuity plan, in fact, there is no big gap in expectations between the film clusters for many years.
It\'s all one, roll slowly-
The story is very clear about the shape of its future, unlike Obi-
Wan told Luke that his father had been killed by Vida, or Luke had kissed Leia, or who had killed --cares, somehow-still-
Whether Lei is a continuing problem for Skywalker, maybe half of Papatine
But the bigger question is, do you think Thanos was teased by half his junior high school because of his name? That\'s why he decided to beat half the people in college. com@fisheyefoto
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