Mark Hamill says the Force is strong in Ireland

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-31
Mark Hamill (himself)
It\'s been screaming for Ireland\'s crazy Atlantic Road and Skellig Michael.
In a new video produced by the Irish tourism bureau, Hamir, who plays the idol hero Skywalker, said: \"returning to Ireland is a great thing for all of us because of the beauty of the country
You get up in the morning and see a vision that I\'m sure is a special effect.
\"The scene was shot at some of the most spectacular places on the western coast of Ireland, from the North
Donigor County is closest to the cliffs and headlands of Clare, Cork and Kerry counties.
\"People are very good.
They make you feel like family and they welcome you very much, very helpful and very friendly.
\"We felt like we were at home,\" Hamir said . \" During his stay in Ireland, he also developed the weakness of Teto\'s bacon-sucking potato chips.
\"I mean, living in New York for many, many years, I don\'t know what to do with it!
I urge anyone planning a vacation to Ireland.
You can\'t find a place like this anymore. . .
I wish we could finish the whole movie there.
\"This promo is the newest element of the Irish tourism campaign, aiming to highlight Ireland\'s shooting location as a key star and to promote the wild Atlantic coast holidays to fans around the world. rld.
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