Mahatma Gandhi’s mottos in pop culture

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-18
Movies, books, fashion, etc.
It\'s cool to indulge in Gandhi today.
All his life he worked hard to spread the message of peace.
Violence and equality.
The legacy of Mohandas kalamchande Gandhi continues and is celebrated even in popular culture --
Movies, books, fashion, etc.
It\'s cool to indulge in Gandhi today.
Gandhiji\'s life continues to produce documentaries and films.
Remember that Richard Attenborough\'s Gandhi won eight Oscars, taking the latest addition of Gandhi and Hitler as an example, which hosted a round of film festivals around the world. Books —fiction, non-
Novel and graphic novel
Tell the story of his hero
From a fashion point of view, you will not be surprised to see a man in Gandhiji on the street.
Today, a souvenir shop called timeless Gandhi will open its doors to city dwellers.
It will store Ganji-
Inspired Watches, iconic three monkey statues, Hardy shirts, mugs, bookmarks, key chains and pens.
\"This is very relevant to the times we live in.
Today\'s conflicts and corruption are destroying the moral fabric of society.
We must remember Gandhi\'s philosophy and teachings so that we can learn to live in harmony with each other, \"said Tony Valecha, founder of Peace Initiative, who is responsible for the sales and marketing of the store.
For the same reason, designer Ritu Kumar will present her khadi bridal collection today.
\"Khadi is a dress for many people to make a living.
Keep in mind that Gandhiji works on his charkha and I have always supported Aboriginal people, so it seems like a good time to show off my khadi costumes, \"stressed Ritu.
In order to relive the Gandhi era, you can walk into some shopping malls where you can learn to spin a while watching some of the magnificent buildings displayed.
Soon, in filmmaker Abhishek Sharma\'s comic book, The monky, the superhero \"Monkey Man\" will be seen as in conflict with the values represented by the iconic three monkeys.
The popular comic franchise, Amar Chilla kata, proves that it is necessary to produce more illustrative books about political figures.
\"Gandhi is one of the most powerful figures in our struggle for freedom, and our goal is to tell the story of Indian heroes who can be role models for children.
When a child reads Gandhi\'s story in this format, it is not only the words that remain with him, but the photos remain with him, \"explains the editor, Amar Chitra kata.
Printed Gandhi subtitles and template T-shirts are very popular among young people, and you can buy such T-shirts in Tantra and Inkfruit.
Thanks to the recent Anna movement, his hat was once again popular.
Of course, this is a topi that doesn\'t mind wearing at all!
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