Liam O Mochain on how to make a DIY movie

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-21
A long time ago, in a far suburb of Dublin, I was watching a road movie by Richard linckett.
The film tells the story of the two men who met while backpacking in Europe and decided to spend 24 hours together.
It was at the time of watching the film that I was inspired to make a road movie with two main characters who met and traveled together. . .
This is all I had at the beginning.
I don\'t know what the story will be, what their relationship will be, or what will happen to them.
I have been a fan of highway movies for a long time, especially.
I\'m also a myth fan-
Basic movies like movies (
Those who stopped-
Sports Photography)
Also recently.
Now, two years before that, I \'ve been trying to make a feature film, and I \'ve had real difficulties in improving the 2 million budget I need.
The eternal difficulties of independent filmmakers. So I decided;
I will write a script that contains all of this: a road movie with a strong mythical theme that can be made on a low budget scale without compromising characters, stories, or style.
After presenting the initial frame of the story, I need to fill in the rest.
That\'s what I think. . .
Vincent Macon, a writer, wanted to prove that his potential novels were wrong after being ridiculed by the publishing community.
To prove that the story is realistic, he decided to live in his novel.
He hired a director, Eslin ariagen, to film his experience.
She is more interested in making a biographical documentary about him.
After they shot the whole book almost in video, Vincent met the movie --
Shape the characters in his journey and decide that his masterpiece is no longer a novel, but a hit movie. . .
I want to travel as much as possible to Europe and set the story in as many countries as possible.
I didn\'t realize how expensive it would be, anyway-
Writers don\'t have to think about these things.
I decided not to write the script yet, but to go out and promote the story and see what people think of it.
I\'m sure it\'s going to be a different road movie, a mock movie.
There will be a small crew and two actors.
All other parts (40 of them)
Will be played by ordinary people on the street
I got the idea from Al Pacino\'s filmIt, which will be an experimental work of a surreal approach.
This is the type of film I know the art committee wants and funds.
I would highlight the community side of it (
European Community! ).
They don\'t like it.
Probably too commercial.
I started to panic.
I know I need a little cash and a lot of goodwill.
Free high-speed rail and air tickets
If I want to achieve my vision, create a comprehensive epic in Europe.
Soon after, after being rejected by every bank, institution and institution, every train company and airline I know refused, and the story had to change dramatically.
I\'m going to set it up in Ireland.
Your hero must now travel along the coast of Ireland.
After turning the story over to its head, I began to think it was a bit more viable.
I will forget the vast places.
I will even forget to shoot it in a movie.
The new wave of filmmakers has just begun, with people making movies in their own way and with digital cameras.
The quality looks great and it moves well into the movie.
I don\'t need about 250,000 anymore.
I can do five grand or close to that now! (
Enthusiasm and arrogance of youth).
I can find a smaller staff to shoot the film in Ireland.
Now that I \'ve sorted out my story, all I need is a script.
How difficult it was, I decided it would only take 3 weeks.
Also, I have raised nearly £ 3000 and set the audition date.
So, whether it took me three weeks or not, I have to do that.
Like someone once said to me
Creativity is a must. Twenty-
Day of late-night writing, over-ventilation, over-caffeine and no-answer (
Telecom helped cut it off)
The script is written.
Aside from some minor tweaks, I wrote about my shooting in the last three weeks. . .
I started looking for a production team and a film team.
I know that I can\'t attract people who work in many large features and TV shows.
Instead, I will look forward to new talent, graduate of the film academy, those who are willing to work for little or little.
It took three weeks.
I\'m the main character of Vincent (
It\'s always been my plan).
I have always planned to perform in my movies, however, the director is not in my game plan.
I interviewed a lot of candidates but no one was interested in this type of story and as they said the show has to go on.
When I finished the cast, the production team was busy looking for locations, arranging shooting times and getting sponsors for food, accommodation, travel and props.
Then, three weeks before we started, I came up with an idea that I felt the story was more real and deeper.
It was delayed for another month.
I have decided that Vincent will look for money and stars when he realizes that his masterpiece should be a movie rather than a novel.
My new plan is that instead of taking a picture of Vincent in the distance, we talk to people who look like the above stars, but actually shoot.
I decided to go to the Venice Film Festival with a small team and speak out at various press conferences.
As Vincent\'s character, I will convince different stars to come to Ireland to make his films and inadvertently let them play guest roles.
It will make Vincent look more motivated, it will bring the feeling of documentary to the film and will not hurt our marketing.
Also, no one has tried this before. The land (
Or I should say the sea)
Gondolas and thousands of stars!
Arrived in Venice with our little crew.
My girlfriend Bernie and I as director/producer/actor (now wife)
As someone with a camera/sound-
We decided to stay in the camp, just like the characters in the movie.
We have no money.
Every day at the press conference, we have a big swing, chasing people who seem to have known each other, and making our celebrities guest.
We returned triumphantly for George Clooney, Kenneth Branna, Melanie Griffith, Chaz palamini and Bobby De Niro (
When you work with him, you can call him Bobby! )
, All in a small part of their usual salary (zilch).
This is enough to get the actors and staff excited.
We leave on the 16 th-
A day trip with a rail pass, sponsored food, two cars and some money (
But I didn\'t tell the production manager that).
We shot for 10 days in Dublin and then went to Wexford and Galway.
We rented the house for very little price and stayed in sandwiches, donuts, yogurt and weird restaurants and worked 16 hours a day --
Are looking for ideas.
After the filming, the crew slept for a week (not together)
I set out on six.
After the month Tourproduction.
We have two editors working day and night at Telegael in order to complete the transfer of the film in time --
We just got the global premiere at Galway Film fleriyadh.
Galway\'s premiere is the most stressful.
Experienced. Ever.
Even more than making movies.
Because this is where I have to leave my kids.
All the work and time spent on this will come down to this screening.
Will the audience think it is worth it if we waste time? Luckily, I spent a lot of money and the show went well.
Both the audience and critics seem to like it.
So much so that it sold out immediately after 3 months when it was announced that the film would be shown at the Cork Film Festival.
Word of mouth is the best.
The Vancouver International Film Festival, the Austin Film Festival and many film festivals are also sold out.
The film was shown around the world, attracting many audiences, favorable comments and three awards --
Including Vancouver, Austin, Oslo, Argentina, Seattle, London and Bradford.
The film was released in Cannes, where it received world sales and was shown at future film festivals in the United States, Canada, Australia and Russia.
Closer to home, the film opens at the Irish Film Center, followed by selected screens across the country.
It\'s been two years since the film: from the decision to write the script, raise money, shoot, post-
Made, holiday circuit, now released.
All that\'s left to do is start with the next script.
Yes, it\'s like starting over.
As the song went on, the needle went back to the beginning of the song, and we all sang together as before. . .
\"In the past 10 years or so, I have lived a new life in the wilderness.
With all the media and interest in my latest film, Lost and Found, my first movie, Lost and Found, once again caught interest --
Recently acquired by Janson Media, an international distributor, can now be viewed on Amazon Prime around the world!
It\'s now available on Amazon prime video. now.
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