Lexus IS300h

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Lexus has established its position as a good carmaker, but the Japanese company is still far behind the well-known German brands in terms of sales.
As you know, the highly competitive compact premium automotive industry already has supermachinery: the BMW 3 Series (
The Irish Association of Automobile writers)
Templates have always been.
I\'m sorry.
I mean, benchmark.
Since the launch of the IS200 in 1999, Ireland has sold about 5,000 IS models.
The industry is currently dominated by Audi\'s a4 and Audi\'s a4.
Lexus hopes to gain a bigger share through the latest IS300h. The third-
The Lexus generation is selling a power train in Ireland, a gasoline/electric hybrid with a CVT automatic gearbox.
The 223hp IS300h obtains its power from 2. 5-litre, four-
Gasoline engines and electric motors.
IS300h replaces IS220 (diesel)and IS250 (petrol six-cylinder).
While the UK will be offering the new is50 with IS300h, buyers in Ireland will not have the option, just green machines with carbon dioxide levels as low as 99g!
Outside, IS300h is a well.
The ratio of the sedan, with a positive look, is implied by the styling of the LFA supercar.
The grille is a defining feature of today\'s cars, and when viewed through the rearview mirror, it will never be confused with Audi, BMW or Merc.
IS improved road conditions.
The wheelbase is now longer and many parts of the large Lexus GS are used.
The cabin inside is ripe.
When passengers have more space, the driver will enter the cockpit.
The elephant in the room and all the hybrids are boot space-
Or missing it! The rear-
The wheel drive car has a very solid battery pack and the good news is that it is placed where you want to find the spare wheels
Because no one!
This means that the boot area of 450 liters of space is normal.
In all versions, access to the \"eco\" model is prohibited, and the back seat can now be separated by 60/40.
For comfort, the riding quality of standard cars is fixed.
Even when the enthusiasm turns, it is difficult to unlock the back end.
Lexus engineers are also working hard to improve the efficiency and aerodynamics of the car (0. 25cd). Optional AVS (
Adaptive Variable Suspension
Yes, but we haven\'t driven the IS300h yet, so we can\'t compare it to BMW\'s excellent system.
The IS300h has excellent performance
Although the UAV of the CVT automatic gearbox takes a little time to adapt, especially at hard acceleration.
The box is not as annoying as the CVTs of Toyota Prius and orris HSD, but it is a unique noise.
Lexus is far ahead of its competitors in hybrid technology, but if you rule out city parking --start driving -
Electric car mode can save a lot of fuel
We haven\'t seen a hybrid competitor that is modern diesel.
The IS300h changed this and was able to average an impressive mpg on open roads.
Pricing is competitive, starting at 37,780 euros, including a mixed rebate of 1,500 euros from the government.
There are four pruning levels: \"ecology\" and \"design \"(€38,780), \'Executive\' (€42,280)and \'Premium\' (€46,780).
A convertible is also on the road.
Lexus is expected to sell 250 vehicles throughout the year, with sales between 80 vehicles
There are 100 units on 132 registration boards.
With Saab disappearing, the Lexus IS300h is the only alternative to the German compact premium sedan.
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