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by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-19
This article will show you how to make the most of the free guitar chord charts you can find online.
As the Internet changes, the site drops and new sites appear, so I\'m not going to risk making this resource obsolete by discussing where to find your free guitar chord chart, how to use them to start playing your guitar.
You can easily collect the chord charts and lyrics of your favorite songs and help you learn to play the guitar.
It doesn\'t matter if you feel you should learn a bunch of music theories and how to read the score, but somehow you feel it\'s not you --
Start with what you feel is the most passionate.
Once you start learning using guitar chord charts you purchased or downloaded for free, as you move on, you may see that you need to know something about music theory, see how chords and scales are combined.
However, if you are comfortable learning the chords of your favorite songs, then keep learning.
So let\'s start with the basic baby steps and learn some very useful knowledge about guitar chords and how the points on the chart relate to music sounds.
You know the annoyance around the neck of the guitar will somehow tell you where the notes are, so let\'s have a little more technology.
When you learn to play a guitar tune using a scale chart, you will see that at a given position on the fret board, you sometimes need to move one fret or two fre up and down.
If you play the notes on the first annoyance and move up to the second annoyance, you have moved up a half tone.
If you have two tones, it\'s called a tone.
The distance between Note E and B, C is the tone.
The distance between Note C and D is the tone.
So when you learn a song with a different key, you start to see that when you play a scale, what you are playing is a different tone or half tone pattern on the neck of the guitar.
If you \'ve seen a guitarist play, you\'ll notice that they sometimes put their index finger on all six strings.
This is Barry.
When you start learning songs, you will take advantage of the chords played in the first position on the fret board.
These are mainly open chords, that is, chords that do not use the barre.
You can always try to play the baray chords, but expect to be a bit ambitious to be able to use them before your hands do some exercises with open chords.
When you learn chords to accompany songs, you may use chord charts to show chords that use all guitar strings.
But if you want to play solo, start with three notes and chords.
The three notes in the triad are the basic notes of your chord, so by learning the triad, you will begin to see the structure of the guitar chord.
Also, you can move your trio up and down on the fret board to make new chords.
Here is an example: A professional chord is composed of notes a c # and E shown in the label form, such as: E-----------------------------------------B--------------2--------------------------G--------------2--------------------------D--------------2--------------------------A-----------------------------------------E-----------------------------------------
Move a half tone (one fret)
On the neck you will get a # or Bb. E-----------------------------------------B--------------3--------------------------G--------------3--------------------------D--------------3--------------------------A-----------------------------------------E-----------------------------------------
B is more professional. E-----------------------------------------B--------------4--------------------------G--------------4--------------------------D--------------4--------------------------A-----------------------------------------E-----------------------------------------
This shape played anywhere in the neck will give you a major chord.
The fret it plays tells you the key to it.
Here are the notes for the basic chord trio: C Major-
C E GD Major -
D F# AE Major -
B E G#F Major -
C F AG Major -
G B DA Major -
A C# EB Major -
Minor chord now: C minor-
C Eb GD Minor -
D F AE Minor -
B E GF Minor -
C F AbG Minor -
G Bb DA Minor -
A C EB Minor -
Of course, you need to make some points more clear so that you can find more descriptions and illustrations on the Internet for free.
Free comments and illustrations on the Internet. Label:
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