LEGO And Duplo Can Finally Play Together

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-30
I loved Lego when I was a kid and I still loved the big Star Wars series they released today.
I never really liked other toys, but some of my friends did.
It would be great if we could use my Lego and their depot or Lincoln logs together.
If 3D printers don\'t spend that much money in their early 90 s, we can make our dreams come true. F. A. T. Lab and Sy-
The lab created the \"free universal building kit.
\"This kit allows the user to download the schematic and use a 3D printer to create connector pieces that allow different toys to connect to each other.
Do you want Lego to work with Depot? No problem.
Want to connect some Lincoln Logs and K\'Nex? You can do it.
It\'s all cool and should make kids who parents can afford 3D printers very happy.
This is a handy poster for all the parts and toy sets that can work with the kit: to understand how these things look when they are combined, here are pictures of four different building toys using the free universal building kit combination: As TechCrunch points out, this kit has had some legal impact on the team.
Toy companies patent their inventions and defend them.
That\'s why all Lego competitors have very different shapes and sizes of their bricks in order to avoid violating Lego\'s patents.
The team elaborated on how they felt about the matter: again, they found it entirely legal to just provide blueprints for people to create these tools at home.
It would be one thing if they sold the kit, but the 3D printer is bringing new challenges to copyright owners around the world.
This will soon be no longer a problem with digital copies entering sales, but rather physical copies produced cheaply, which void the demand in industries such as hardware and toy manufacturers.
Why buy a wrench when you can do it yourself?
Pirate Bay has also recently been involved in this field, providing physical objects available for download.
They are schematic drawings of physical objects that users can create using 3D printers.
They even claim that users will soon be able to print and assemble their own cars using a 3D printer.
While bringing new challenges and opportunities to our connected world, 3D printers are also fascinating.
The free universal building kit is the first 3D printer assisted creation that I think people can fully support.
Having different game sets working together will only expand the imagination of the child, not limit it.
The free universal building kit ad is an amazing nostalgia for those who remember the 80 s and 90 s toy ads.
Check it out: Adapterz free universal building kit on Vimeo.
Do you like the universal building kit for free?
Or do you think it is doing too much in terms of patent infringement and copyright infringement?
Let us know in the comments.
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