Keys Locked In Your Vehicle? Do This!

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-29
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Perhaps you have experienced this anxiety: less than a second after your vehicle door lock is closed, you will realize that the door is sealed and your key ring is in the car.
How will you make sure you get to your house by car? In addition to the final question, do you even have a set of replacement keys? All of this goes through your brain: the most obvious solution is to find your extra car keys.
Usually, you get two car keys when you buy a car.
You usually carry a key ring with you and the spare key should be placed in a safe place.
If you specify someone who can get the duplicate key and get it to where you are, then the most you lose is the short time stuck by your car, and a little bit of pride.
However, you may not have anyone to help, or your replacement key is misplaced.
A viable option is to go to your car club or any 24-
Hours of roadside assistance.
If your vehicle is still covered by the factory or dealer warranty, you may already have 24-
The hourly aid program.
If that\'s not the case, but you or the person you are with is a member of a club like AAA, then this provider can come and help you.
Your third option is to call the locksmith.
He will come out and open your door without the key.
However, this assistance call may cost more than you do, especially after the usual hours of work.
Your final choice is to find a way to open the lock yourself.
You may want to do this on less commonly used doors, possibly on the rear curb side in case you\'re doing something wrong.
You need an unbent wire hanger, or something like that, with an extended, slender rod and a strong hook at one end.
In a dark environment, you will be happy with a flashlight or other light source.
Also, you may need something convenient but unimportant, such as a pen.
Push the black, rubber-like weather strip from the bottom of the glass and keep the space half open by pushing the unimportant gadget into the area.
Look down through the holes you made inside the door.
You should see the iron bars attached to the locking mechanism.
The hook swings carefully
The side enters the door first.
Try positioning the hook, grab the metal rod and swing the workpiece in the direction it slides from the inside to unlock.
When the car is unlocked, carefully remove the hanger and pen from the door frame and open your car.
To prevent this from happening again, be sure to bring an extra key in your wallet or wallet.
It will always be your responsibility even if you leave the car!
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