Keychain Reaction

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-10
Small fortune enterprises)
-Steve Wen doesn\'t seem to be the kind of person that inspires great art.
After all, this is the one who invented Cajun in your pocket, a keychain that will send out things like \"Oh, I love you like pigs like corn.
But the New Orleans businessman has become a muse for at least two record artists. -
He has a lawsuit to prove this.
When a friend told Winn that ballad singer Ani DiFranco had a taste of his keychain Cajun yell in her 1999 album \"Up\", Winn began
Winn threatened to sue her for copyright infringement and paid about $20,000 in 1999.
But he got another call a few months later.
New Orleans rapper Mystikal rap Cajun in your pocket in his hit song \"Shake Ya Ass.
\"I ask you, if it\'s Mattel toys, will they ask? \" Winn says.
\"I\'m small, but I have some protection under the law.
Winn sued Mystikal for claiming he stole the lyrics \"You have to suck da head on dem dere crayfish\" and \"we\'ll have a great time, yes, cher.
\"Last year, a judge in the state of Luis Anna threw the case out, but Winn was attractive and said it took him four months to study the exact phrase and invited
Lawyer for music, Roy Morton Jr.
These phrases are too common, he said, without copyright protection.
Latest Project of Winn? Mr.
In your pocket, there are classics like \"I pity this fool!
\"This summer can be found in outdoor activities in the city. Note to P.
DI: don\'t think about it. --NINA SOVICH
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