jesse owens\' olympic medal up for auction

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-16
One of the four Olympic gold medals Jesse Owens won at 1936 Berlin Olympics will be sold at an online auction in December 7, \"almost single-handedly, owens destroyed Dan Imler, Hitler\'s SCP auction partner.
\"You have an African --
Americans, the son of a landowner, the grandson of slaves, overcome these incredible circumstances and bring a show to The Times.
Owens won the gold medal in the 100 m and 200 m, 400 m relay and long jump.
But when he came back from the Berlin Olympics, it was hard for him to support his family.
\"When they came back, the United States was the same as when he left apartheid.
\"Although he has returned as an Olympic hero, he has not received the opportunity offered by today\'s Olympic hero,\" said his daughter Marlene Owens Rankin . \".
\"We live very well in the middle. class life.
We don\'t want much.
But like many black people of that time, it was difficult for him to support his family.
Owens gave one of his four Olympic gold medals to dancer bill.
His career was bound by the limited role of black men. Imler said.
After the athletes returned from the Olympics, Robinson and Owens became friends.
\"They have built friendships and professional relationships.
Bojangles helped Owens find a job in entertainment . \"Imler said.
\"Owens gave him the medal out of a symbol of gratitude and friendship.
His daughter said: \"Owens worked as a band leader for a while, but eventually returned to his hometown of Cleveland, where he worked in the park department, and finally found a way to speak publicly.
\"The black community respects him for his achievements,\" she said . \".
\"My father and Bojangles would be superstars if it was a fair playing field.
The SCP auction confirmed that the medal was true.
The whereabouts of the other three original gold medals are unknown.
\"We just want it to be purchased by an institution, museum or something like that the public can access,\" his daughter said . \".
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