Jason Bloomberg\'s Top Four Forbes Articles For 2017

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-11
Continuing with the tradition of last year\'s exhibition in perspective, my new year contribution looks back at my top articles the year before to see why these particular stories have risen to the highest level.
There are two differences in this year\'s list.
First of all, I actually wrote all the entries for the year.
This is very remarkable because the first article, Enterprise Architecture: Don\'t take tools as a fool, which has been running for three years (August 7, 2014)
Finally fell to the tenth place this year.
Second, I finally succeeded, but I was ahead of myself.
This is the list.
Fourth: incidental damage caused by the inevitable Bitcoin crash (
September 12, 2017).
Bitcoin\'s readership is always good, especially since I have always held the opposite view on this topic.
The fact that bitcoin is in a speculative bubble is obvious to anyone who is rational-but that doesn\'t stop irrational people from launching personal attacks.
In fact, whether it\'s the fourth or fifth-what is the elusive intrinsic value of Bitcoin? (June 26, 2017)
-Pay attention to the issue of Bitcoin.
However, this collateral damage article touches more nerves as it discusses the possible secondary effects of a Bitcoin crash, far beyond the isolated communities of speculators and other neers --do-wells.
Third: Is Watson IBM a \"clown? (July 2, 2017).
The article on Big Blue has rarely attracted so much interest.
A stick from Watson, an IBM brave man smart product, apparently excites people.
The company has placed a huge stake in this product, product or service-but until today, no one can fully explain exactly what Watson is.
In terms of business value, it has also become a poster child with over-commitment and under-delivery, while the marketing money invested by IBM has helped lift hundreds of rival ships.
Second: Amazon\'s Whole Food Strategy: not what you think (June 23, 2017).
Articles about Amazon
Com did a good job overall, but most of my articles online
Com giant center of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Its cloud products.
As I delve into Amazon\'s e-commerce strategy, this article breaks this pattern.
AWS may be big, but the Amazon store is bigger because it involves the lives of so many people on the planet.
The surprising whole-food acquisition brings a fresh look and therefore attracts a wide range of eyeballs.
First: Seven Lies that Bitcoin fans told themselves (
And other people who will listen)(
December 9, 2017).
About 450,000 people have 98% of all bitcoins, and it seems like everyone of them has read the article and then read some more.
In fact, by the end of 2017, nearly 470,000 people had read the article, more than I added up to the next four.
Articles about The Last Jedi or the next iPhone occasionally reach such heights, but for a Forbes contributor who is often beaten by corporate technology, such figures are unheard.
In order to accomplish this feat, I have to combine various factors in an effort to increase my interest in this article.
Most importantly, my timing is impeccable, because just as the article was published, the abnormal fluctuations in Bitcoin reached the level of fanaticism.
When I joked about all the bitcoin fans who read the article, it was clear that a large part of the readers must have been bystanders, and perhaps only recently heard of Bitcoin, because its value has exceeded its limit.
One more factor: the way I fight directly with bitcoin fans, not only accusing them of saying lies, but also pointing out that the ad homatacks attack is actually one of the seven lies, and thus transferred their control.
This is distorted a lot because the flame burner does his best to burn and doesn\'t look like it fell into my trap, like, yes, they fell into my trap. (
Are you upset about my tricks?
By following me again, feel free to dig your hole deeper. )
Finally, let\'s not forget to add
Articles made up of lists)
It\'s also a particularly lethal click bait, and also, the best number of items is 7 if you have a list. (Why seven? No idea.
Some mysterious explanations, no doubt).
Anyway, there is only one thing to do when you have an unexpected blow.
Yes, you guessed it right: publish the sequel.
January: Seven Lies that Bitcoin fans told themselves. Stay tuned!
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