Introduction of Promotional Products

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About the history of the promotional product industry and the 5 different product categories that customers choose to promote their business.
What is the promotional product?
Promotional products are useful and/or symbolic products for advertising and communication, such as communication tools, goodwill reminders, logos, gifts and rewards.
In a very broad sense, any product used to promote the business can be considered a promotional product.
There are 5 different categories of promotional products: there are these key elements in the advertising profession, 1)
Advertising or promotional information 2)placed on (or with)
Useful items 3)
No strings are attached.
For example: rubber key chain, shopping bag, ballpoint pen.
Premium: Attach some useful items with additional conditions, for example, buy a book and get a free bookmark.
Incentives: offer promotional products as an incentive to generate specific actions.
Example-reach the sales target and get a free holiday (
Rewards for tourism projects, sales awards).
Rewards: plaques, service pins, trophies, bonus jewelry and other gifts that symbolize performance or honor can be classified as recognition rewards.
Business Gifts: usually presented to customers and employees by enterprises, and occasionally to suppliers.
In the context of use here, business gifts are not extravagant gifts and travel. Gift-
The reason given by the company is: Thanks to the customer, develop the business, recognize the performance and longevity of the employees, because the customer expects them and others.
The earliest imprint of the promotional product industry was first launched in 1789, when George Washington used the memorial button in his presidential campaign.
Unlike the buttons used today, these commemorative buttons are sewn --on;
Their names are GW and long live the president \".
The advertising calendar and calendar dates back to the year 00 s;
However, a large number of promotional products were not developed and sold until the second half of the 19 th century.
This led to the birth of the promotional product industry known today.
Today\'s industry, the promotional goods industry is a $3 billion industry (
Association Resource Center Co. , Ltd. , 2010).
The promotion industry consists of two business categories;
Dealers and suppliers
Suppliers make up the production end of this industry.
They are the companies that manufacture, import, convert, imprint or otherwise process promotional products and then sell them through the distributor of promotional products.
Distributors develop ideas and plans for using promotional products as an advertising medium, buy these products from suppliers and provide a variety of value
Provide more services to promotional buyers/customers, including unique product concepts, creative distribution solutions, and insights into different imprint methods.
\"Promotional buyer/customer\" purchases promotional products from the dealer and makes them part of the promotion/advertising campaign.
The power of promotional products is stronger than ever, and companies must implement different marketing strategies in their marketing mix to stay competitive and stand out from the competition.
Promotional products are a great way to promote your brand and get attention.
They are memorable and help build relationships with customers and give them a lasting impression of your brand.
In a study conducted by PPAI, the study found that 83% of consumers can recall advertisers who promote products;
Although only 7% of consumers can recall the name of The Advertiser after watching the advertisement on TV.
More than half of these respondents admitted that promotional products were retained.
20% of respondents also announced purchases from advertisers after receiving promotional products.
More and more promotional products are positioned as part of the promotional and marketing mix of promotional buyers rather than pure products.
It turns out that promotional product advertising is more effective with its unobtrusive and targeted personalized approach.
Promotional products are often retained and used due to their useful nature, resulting in the voluntary repeated exposure, Recognition and Retention of The Advertiser\'s name and/or information.
When the target audience is specifically identified, the use of promotional products is the most effective.
The project can then be selected to attract the audience, generate a positive response and eliminate waste.
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