Interior Designer Tanju Özelgin Shares His Plans for the Mazu 82 Yacht

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-17
Turkish Interior designer tanjuözelgin was invited by Mazu yacht to design the interior space of the new Mazu 82 yacht.
This is the first time a Turkish shipyard has received the help of a full-time interior designer on a yacht.
But ozelkin was not intimidated.
\"Designing the interior space for the yacht is actually not much different from designing any other space,\" he said . \".
\"The main challenge in designing the interior of the yacht is that most of the space will never be stationary and often surrounded by water.
How Frank Lloyd Wright inspired one of the most epic games in Thrace games. The new yacht of Princess launched the new model a year after bankruptcy, and he explained what kind of material was used
Floors, walls, furniture-
The size of the furniture in each room, whether the furniture is fixed or movable, and what kind of safety measures need to be taken.
Halit Yukay, founder of Mazu boat, designed all the yachting grounds and through his extensive experience at sea, he understood what was most important to yacht owners and enthusiasts.
The latest model Mazu 82 is paired with a lot of deck space, a sign for the Mazu line.
It surpassed the fleet of 38 people in the yard. , 42-and 52-foot yachts. Saloon.
Ozelkin, the founder of tO Studio and Parlak Kirmizi, has used materials that give meaning tO each space for the past 20 years tO create interiors and objects for families and hotels.
The result on this yacht is complex but welcoming, warm and peaceful.
\"The space has to be as compact and bright as possible without losing the feeling of being at home or in a beautiful hotel,\" ozelkin said . \".
\"This is a key aspect of our yacht design phase:\" Creating a space that doesn\'t make you feel like you\'re on a yacht, more like you\'re in your own house, \"he said, have all the familiarity and comfort that comes with it. \".
The first hull of the Mazu 82 features the Mazu\'s signature spacious open-air deck and three living rooms designed by ozelkin. Large hull-
The side windows illuminate the gentle interior design of ozelkin. The 80-
Pedal yacht built with carbon
The composite sandwich structure uses three Volvo Penta IPS engines to achieve crazy-
Fast maximum speed of 40 knots.
The yacht will be delivered by the end of 2019 summer.
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