If You Think You Can Talk To Your Mother Like That, Then You’ve Paid Attention To The Way I’ve Subtly Degraded Her For Years

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-22
Listen to me, young man, because I only say it once.
You have recently become more and more disrespectful to your mother, and frankly, she has reached the limit.
From the profanity of her to the unrequited demands, you treat her more like a servant than a woman who raised you.
Your mom noticed, I noticed, and what I\'m going to say is that if you think you can talk to your mom like this, then you\'re definitely paying a lot of attention to the subtle way I completely destroy her self-consciousnessWorth years.
Take this morning as an example.
I walked past your mom in the kitchen.
Be a passive
Make aggressive comments on food prices as I always do to show how much I resent her not working --
When I heard you asked her to make you pancakes. Demand it!
You really want her to let go of everything she is doing at that moment and treat you as a slave, just as she has nothing better to do!
Let me tell you that when I heard what my son said in his mouth, I couldn\'t believe my ears.
Obviously you don\'t have more respect for your own mother than I do, you really learned some subtle ways and I made her feel like shit.
Well done, to be honest.
I mean, anyway, do you think you\'re talking to your mother?
Do you think you are a person who has watched his father insult her intelligence for years? Or do you use the language of condescending to attract unnecessary attention to small mistakes and shortcomings, or do you habitually put down your interests and opinions?
Do you think you have the right to keep asking for her time without the slightest thanks, as I have done thousands of times?
Or maybe you think you\'re better than her just because she\'s been beaten so badly that she can\'t stand up for herself at all.
To be honest, who do you think it is?
My proud son?
Fucking shaming and insulting the master?
Because I have to say, I think you are these two things.
I really like it, little one.
After all, you\'re talking about your mom!
Why do you think you can treat her like this?
Is it watching me treat her like this?
If not a lot, what\'s worse
Your whole childhood?
Because it makes me very proud, son.
Damn proud.
See the way my own flesh and blood talk to his mother, the way you talk to your mother, rarely consider her feelings, and see your mother come to me in tears, because you made her feel like she wasn\'t alone, well, it just made me want to hug you hard and then go out and buy you something that your mom explicitly asked me not to buy your special.
I have to say, you\'re really here.
So I want you to think seriously about how you behave.
Do you understand what I mean?
Young man, I don\'t want you to interrupt this conversation because I\'m too serious about you.
Do you want to be the kind of child who corrects her mother and makes her feel stupid?
Do you want to be the kind of child that completely ignores her when his mother is interested in the situation at school, just as she is not worth answering?
Do you want to be the kind of kid that leaves chaos everywhere, want his mother to clean up and then make hurtful comments about how tired and unhealthy she seems to be lately?
Because if this is the kind of kid you want to be and you think you can get away with it, do it, man.
Show your mom who\'s the boss.
For example, where is that dummy?
Come on, let\'s go find her and suggest how she needs to lose weight.
I will let you take care of it.
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