How to Make Beaded Zipper Pulls

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-09-15
Buddy bead tag zipper pull these beading beauties are fun for you and your friends to make and trade together.
First make a friend bead label zipper with your name on it--
Then think about all the other messages you can create.
Collect a bunch of labels and post them on schoolbags, jackets, etc!
12 inch red, blue, green, white, orange and yellow elastic bead string cor 7mm silver jump ring bead string connecting six silver stem beads, 2 inch long Scissors Needlenose pliers1.
Center on the 12 th-
A elastic bead line on The Jump ring. 2.
String six colored pony beads on the bead chain, any color you like.
Add your name using alphabet beads and string on six colored pony beads.
Tie the last pony bead to the rope to secure and trim the end. 3.
Apply nine colored pony beads on the other half of the rope.
Tie the last bead to the rope to secure and trim the end.
Then slide the jump ring into the lanyard hook with your name and bead pattern. 4.
To make a friend bead tag that can be traded and exchanged, please put 10 same threads-
Apply the pony beads to the stem (
Or create your own mode).
Curl the end of each stem with a needle
Nose pliers, fix the beads on the wire.
You should end up with a dry word push of six beads. 5.
Now that you have made your friend bead tag, trade it with your friend!
For example, put a blue label on a friend you make at school and ask a special friend nearby for an orange label.
Use the jump ring to attach your buddy bead tags to a lanyard hook with your name and bead pattern, and then place them on your jacket, backpack, shoes ---
Or where you want to go!
The next zipper pull you have to do is classic and it will test all your craft skills.
Learn what you need to know on the next page.
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