How To Assemble A Key Chain

How To Assemble A Key Chain


Key chain, which name keychain, keyring, key ring, key tag and key holder too.

The key chain is not only used to hold the key but also a promotional gift, so there are at least two parts of a key chain, one is the loop to hold key, the other one is a sheet to make brand.

In general, 25 and 32 mm diameter loop are mostly used in the market. Of course, there are other sizes. There are two ways to assemble the loop and sheet, directly turn the loop to the key ring and connect to the key plate with the help of a single ring, ball chain or anything else, see below some samples.

Here are some common steps to assemble the key chain. Please noted that no matter what steps it is, the worker need to wear finger sleeve to prevent hand injury and scratch on the key chain

1. Connect the chain, some time we will need to add dog clip, lone chains to the loop, so we will need to tool of pliers, see below picture. This step only do by hand and a pliers can help the worker to connect 30 pcs chains one minute.

2. Putting glue, some key chains consist of two or there parts, we need to make then together, such as metal and leather part, then we will need to put some glue to make them hold together, see the picture, a worker just working on putting glue.

3. Screw making, to hold two part together, especially two metal sheet, it is no durable for only putting glue, so we will make the screw after the glue. And at this step we need to use the screwdriver tool, there are hand and electric screwdriver, the picture shows the electric screwdriver, it is much faster then hand and less cost.

4. Packing, for making key chain, the last step for Assembling is packing, most the key chains will pack with poly bag only, and some time will put the paper card inside the poly to protect the key chain. We also can packing with paper box or some gift box too, after the packing, then a key chain is made.

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