How to achieve your New Year weight loss goals

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-07
The leftover turkey is finally gone, and the canned Christmas chocolate has long been eaten.
After a festival of eating, drinking and general joy, many people think January is a chance to lose weight because they eat better and eat more.
But have you noticed that your local gym was full in January, and that the numbers are dropping sharply throughout the year?
Or is your kitchen stocked with fresh ingredients for the first few weeks of the year, but junk food came back before February?
While this is perfectly normal, there are a few things you can do to increase the likelihood of sticking to your determination: share your solution with friends and family so they can support you, help keep you on track.
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To succeed, there must be a clear goal and a plan of action.
Writing it down helps reinforce your goals, especially when you pin it to a visible refrigerator.
You can also try to keep a diary to record your food, activities and mood.
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Do you want to lose 50 pounds?
Try to lose 5% of your weight first, or set a 5-pound incremental weight loss target.
Remember not to take too much at a time.
For example, denying yourself your favorite treatment while starting a new exercise system can lead to frustration and lack of motivation.
Paying attention to diet is a useful way to lose weight.
Try to eat food without distractions such as smartphones and televisions, take the time to taste every bite and pay attention to the taste, taste and texture of the food.
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Every time you change your lifestyle in order to achieve your goals (
For example, add five minutes to your daily walk)
Reward yourself, or mark your progress on the wall chart.
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App notifications, certificates, and small rewards.
If your goal is to lose weight or a healthier lifestyle, put fruit and vegetables in front of the refrigerator and put the numbers behind the porridge you drink in the morning.
Try a new food every week, walk when you usually drive and start steaming and roasting food instead of frying.
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It\'s a great winning streak and you can get it to drive you (
\"I really want to do X but I didn\'t break my record \").
If something forces you to break it?
Start a new winning streak!
The game was won slowly and steadily.
Drink water before dinner, eat eggs (
Or other high quality protein)
At breakfast, use smaller plates, change regular tea to green tea, lift weights for 10 minutes a day, make time to exercise, go to bed early and reduce sugary drinks.
During the defined time period, you can implement a large number of small changes to take an important step towards a better state of health.
Growing up with a training partner or someone with similar weight loss goals can help boost your determination (
Share your pain! ).
You can also appoint a responsible manager to keep an eye on your progress, such as a relative or good friend who wants to see your success.
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