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by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-25
Mattel is one of Wal-Mart\'s largest distributors and brands. com.
Meredith Wollman manages the customer experience and all digital marketing form products sold through Wal-Mart. com channel.
Wollman spoke to tammy Everts, SOASTA senior research director, at the etail conference, and SOASTA is now part of Akamai.
How do you provide the high conversion rate expected by Wal-Mart and Mattel?
If your fundamentals do not fall, no movement will succeed.
Before we think about advertising campaigns, let\'s go back to the cradle and see how to set up these items.
We make sure that each project has the right title, the right brand ownership, assets, beautiful images, lifestyle images, out-of-packaging, correct videos, etc, do we have TV commercials, do we have users?
Generate content.
Regardless of the situation, make sure these items are set up and they have been optimized correctly, which is very important before we look at the event.
If the item is set up incorrectly and does not appeal to consumers and there is no comment on the product, no activity will be successful.
How do you plan a campaign for Mattel at Walmart. com?
What are we looking at is our biggest bet?
In terms of the products we want to put in front of consumers, where do we have the biggest investment?
Every campaign is watching us.
Hand stock, and where we want to tilt consumers on a large scale.
What we do is to carry out activities around this.
We decided, if we could only have 5 to 6 hero images, what would those images be?
What products will we use to attract consumers to come in and see more?
So what brands will we focus on?
We also look at all the analysis from a geographical perspective. targeting.
In this particular ZIP Code, does the consumer prefer our Latin Barbie?
Are they leaning towards our African-American Barbie?
We want to really personalize what is displayed on the screen for consumers so they can see what they want to see and not even know what they want to see.
This is definitely a data.
Driving the process . . . . . . I think the day of the gut test is like a ferry bird.
Everything must be data. driven now.
That doesn\'t mean you can\'t test something new, we do it all the time.
We really look at the data first to determine which products, where, who, when and how.
All these key factors are taken into account when deciding what we are going to propose.
It must be data. driven.
Most Mattel shoppers start shopping on mobile devices, and about 75% of consumers start shopping on mobile devices.
They either look at the product in the store, then call to find reviews, or look at the product in the store to see how fast the product is shipped.
Many people start their journey online, which is why mobile optimization is so important.
They don\'t have to buy them all online, but that\'s where they started their journey.
Some people will buy online, but will go to the store to pick up the goods, which is actually considered a shop purchase.
How is Mattel\'s conversion at Wal-Mart. com?
They\'re just above the 4-standard. 6 percent.
If you hit consumers when they want to see products and products, they want to see you, of course, the conversion rate will be higher.
It comes down to science and ingenuity while not necessarily telling consumers what we want them to know, but giving consumers the information they want.
The two don\'t always come together as easily as we would like, because we have something we want to share at some point, but it doesn\'t always work best for consumers.
The more we understand consumers and what they want, the more successful the event is when they want it.
This is always the case when we are communicating something we want them to know in time frame, and we want them to know that it is not so successful.
Akamai\'s research shows that load time has a great impact on revenue. Akamai\'s research shows that Wal-Mart\'s load time is improved by 1 second.
The conversion rate of Com increased by 2%.
In addition, incremental income increased by 100 per cent for every 1% MS increase.
All e-commerce sites can benefit from improving the speed and efficiency of the consumer experience.
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