High Quality High-Yield Dividend Growth Stocks

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-07
In the past two years, I have written two articles about Gao.
Growth in quality dividends [DG]stocks (2018, 2019).
Interest in this theme is amazing.
These two articles rank first and second in my favorite places
Read about looking for Alpha more than 10 years ago.
There\'s a lot of low
Stock is generated in these articles.
Commenter UncleMilton asks if it is possible to rank 3% of the quality
6% of the stock yield.
I think this is an interesting suggestion.
However, according to the dividend champion spreadsheet [there are more than 300 such stocks]CCC].
I think this is too hard for an article, so I revised the scope: The article ranks the quality of DG stocks with a yield of 4% or higher.
I usually think 4% + is \"high yield\", though I know a lot of investors need higher returns.
In any case, there are higher elders here.
Of course, there are unlimited ways to define the quality of the company, but many investors use independent quality standards in their process.
\"Independence\" I mean the ratings of analysts who didn\'t sell.
I don\'t include the company\'s description of myself.
I am interested in the view of clothing that makes a living by selling information;
I think they have more motivation to be objective and avoid pompous.
In this article, I use five widely used quality indicators: at the end of the article, you will find a description of the quality factors for each supplier.
Determine the highest-
Quality company, I created a 0-
Each of the five factors has a 5-point scoring system.
This is different from the previous articles, which I deliberately cut off in very high placesStock score (by requiring 4-
5 points for each factor).
This will expand the ranking quite a bit.
My idea is that readers of this article will first look for high yield stocks and then want to know their quality ratings, even if they are not very good.
This is the scoring system.
NA means \"not applicable\": some available rating systems will not translate one-to-
There\'s only one in my scoring system.
For example, Morningstar only rewards two kinds of moat (Wide and Narrow)
I don\'t see any points for \"no.
\"So I give 5 points wide and 4 points narrow and none get 0 points.
Stocks cannot get 3, 2 or 1 points for the moat.
In terms of credit rating, I cut off the reward points for \"investment-grade\" stocks, according to Standard & Poor\'s terms.
Therefore, the credit rating of the stock is 5, 4, 3 or 0.
Companies with the highest quality will score 5 points on each factor, with a maximum score of 25 points.
It turns out that while a company gets 24 points, there is no such company.
In general, extremely high quality and high yield do not seem to come together often.
But there\'s still a lot of good-
Quality companies with a yield of more than 4%.
I created a separate table for each yield range: 4-4. 9%, 5-5. 9%, and 6%+.
In addition to the data of individual factors, each entry shows the yield of the stock (
Factors not included in the score)
And its total score.
These companies are ranked from high to low by their total quality score, which I think is
The code is as follows: Unfortunately, most companies with a yield of more than 6% on CCC are not included in my Value Line subscription.
I do not subscribe to the full service and my local library is not available.
Therefore, the following report is limited to a few stocks.
Only five high in the end-
DG stocks scored in the highest quality category of 20-25 points.
There are 17 other companies in light green 15-19 category.
For fun, I investigated the purchase of CFRAhold-
Sell the top five ratingsranking stocks.
I would like to know if anyone of them has received decent attention (
Valuation is beyond the scope of this article).
They buy ratings on IBM and AT&T because of their 12-
The monthly target price is more than 10% higher than the current price of these stocks.
I know there will be a lot of controversy about either of these two purchase ratings, but this is another day, or maybe this review stream.
Of course, further due diligence is required before investing in anything.
Quality is just one of many factors to consider, and there are many ways to measure quality in addition to the ones used here.
Other areas that need to be investigated include the entire dividend situation, whether the company meets your portfolio function and your own personal goals, the business prospects of each company, and of course the valuation.
Value Line SafetyValue Line is an independent subscription stock analysis service on the business since 1931.
The company was praised for the objectivity of its work.
Its safety level is one of several proprietary levels.
This is the way it explains its first two categories, which are the only two levels in this article.
The financial strength level of the Value Line is a proprietary level.
In this article, I only use the first two levels to help find the strongest stocks.
Value Line\'s description of the financial strength rating is as follows: Morningstar MoatMorningstar\'s economic moat rating is the exclusive data point of Morningstar, and Morningstar is another one that has been in since 1984.
The economic moat is like the moat around the castle: they provide protection.
Here\'s how Morningstar describes the process of its distribution of the moat: The S & P credit rating S & P note itself is the most important independent credit rating source in the world.
The company has been an independent provider of financial analysis since 1941.
S & P credit rating is forward
Views on the credibility of the debtor.
These observations reflect S & P\'s views on the debtor\'s ability and willingness to fulfill its financial commitments at maturity, and may assess terms such as mortgage guarantees and dependencies, this may affect the final payment in case of default.
S & P\'s rating categories are as follows: simply put, the rating of the security dividend security rating sssd was developed by Brian Bollinger, who is a contributor to here and the daily Trade Alert.
Here\'s how his website describes ratings: disclosure: I/we are long VZ, IBM, so, QCOM, VTR, PM, T
This article was written by myself and expressed my views.
I received no compensation (
In addition to Seeking Alpha).
I have no business relationship with any stock company mentioned in this article.
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