Here\'s how Ruth Ganesh is using art to save Asian elephants

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Ornella d, 39. souzaviious found that Ruth Ganesh of the elephant family saved Asian elephants with art, and Ruth Ganesh was the reason why no one had a stiff upper lip at the opening ceremony of the Mumbai Elephant Parade in London recently --
Asian charity of Elephant Family (EF)
She\'s the CEO of the company.
The event involved a \"parade\" of 101 fiberglass elephants \", each elephant is made by the tribes and local artisans of the Christian rubuting, shaluk Khan, mahalaja Sava Padma, and the famous public open places in Mumbai.
Same as the previous EP version.
This is the first one on the 25 th and India.
These sculptures are auctioned at the auction site Paddle8 and will see all the proceeds used to protect the Asian elephant, which unfortunately has been reduced by 90 in the last century, win a spot on the red list of threatened species.
Globally, only 50,000 elephants are alive, of which 27,000 are in India, and the 101 elephants displayed represent the 101 elephant corridors identified by the Indian Wildlife Trust (WTI).
Tsk is an art practitioner.
In a city with a poor reputation for public art, Ganesh actually wants locals to hug, cuddle, take selfies and board this man --made mammals.
\"There are so many art works in the gallery, all of them are \'Don\'t ask what this means, dear, \'I\'m like \'go to death!
\"She continued,\" We are in the city of ganpatti.
So no matter what the elephants end up in (
After public display)
We will recover.
\"The EP was co-president by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, founded by the latter\'s late brother and environmental activist Mark Suntech.
Ganesh, who happens to be Shand\'s protester and former lover, has been part of the group for 15 years.
In addition to the parade, it is planned to hold some sharp charity events in Rajasthan, such as the annual animal makeup dance in London, or Ganesh\'s ideas on kitschy chagdas, jeeps and Enfield bikes
Ganesh clarified that EF only focuses on Asian elephants in six Asian countries.
\"We only take care of wild elephants because it\'s the economics of saving 100 elephants, not taking care of 5,000 elephants in the Western Gao Zhishan vein. . .
As Picasso said, \"the elephant is evidence that God is an artist \".
When you save the elephant, you save everything in the forest and in the forest.
\"However, the boundaries between these prisoners and wildlife sometimes converge.
EF is involved in investigating the trafficking of elephants from Thai and Burmese forests, trained by torture to entertain tourists.
\"We are now launching the DNA testing and registration campaign before the elephant is one year old,\" Ganesh said . \".
To keep going all out, EF has a built-in news feed that collects every story about Asian elephants in every newspaper on the continent.
\"We found that the main problem in Asia is the loss of habitat.
Elephants make harangu\'s voice when they eat crops.
They were knocked down by the train.
Or sometimes it derailed the train).
\"Some people also take birth control pills to stop giving birth,\" Ganesh said . \".
The most terrible thing is that the elephant uses the trunk to feed the leaves, touches the overhead wires through the forest, and is electrocuted.
The tragedy did not stop here, because normally the entire herd of deer was anxious to save themselves, but in the end suffered the same fate.
\"You know, they (the elephants)
Like they did in the war with development, can kill all of us.
But when I look at them, they just flash back and have that understanding behind those eyes.
\"Her memories of traveling to identify problem areas or to ensure that funding is in place --
Keep it alive.
She recalls how a large group of people gathered around her team radio --
In Borneo, several people lean on it as if to comfort it.
\"All things have this emotional bond, but it is more obvious in elephants.
\"Eight years ago, a village in varannader, Kerala, agreed to move the elephant corridor a few kilometers away.
\"The families of these people were killed by elephants and the crops were destroyed, but they were full of sympathy for the animal.
Look at us (urban folks).
We still use (plastic)straw.
\"Ganesh either dreamed of an elephant or received a \'white elephant \'--
Theme Gift from well
This means those who think she needs more of the largest mammals on land in her life.
In a wonderful accidental move of the universe, she fell in love and married an Indian --
Ganesh Ramani, a partner at Goldman Sachs, donated all his wages to the environmental protection business.
The name \"Powys\" was replaced by the name of the elephant god.
\"At the wedding, I surprised him with five elephants [last year]\", says Ganesh.
The event reminder is a delicate elephant pendant hanging around her neck, a copy from in-laws.
For Ganesh, it is clear that elephants cannot escape.
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