haryana gold medal winners at busan to get rs 10 lakh | chandigarh news - times of india

by:Y&M Crafts     2019-08-09
Chandigarh: Haryana government has decided to issue 10 rupees per person to Haryana athletes who won gold medals at the Busan Asian Games
They are RS 2002 and RS 5 for silver and bronze medalists, respectively.
Chief minister Om Prakash Chautala revealed this on Sunday during Bhiwani\'s visit to Ram Makhar\'s residence, under the leadership of Ram Makhar, India\'s cabadi team
Xiao Tara congratulated Ram Mehar Singh, who said it was a great honor for the country to win a gold medal at the Asian Games.
He said his government is committed to providing all possible incentives for promising athletes to compete successfully at the international level.
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